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In appearance, you simply spread through a face-up deck until you come to some specific card, which you upjog, then lay on the table, outjogged under the face-up cards. Actually you add a card behind the outjogged card in the process.

Let's illustrate this technique by assuming that you want to secretly bring the two black Jacks to the top of two piles.

Spread the deck face-up from left hand to right, keeping it just slightly tilted, so that the spectators can't see the faces of the cards. When you come to a black Jack, you're going to downjog the card just before it-let's say it's the Ace of Spades—then secretly add the Jack behind it. To do this:

a) Your right hand moves downwards with all the spread cards up to, and including, the Ace of Spades (Fig .1).

b) Without pause, your right hand then moves upwards with all the cards except the Ace of Spades, leaving the Ace downjogged about 3/4 of its length (Fig.2).

c) When the right hand cards are once again level with the black Jack (and the remainder of the deck), they move to the left, squaring up and adding the black Jack behind all the cards, including the Ace of Spades. Your right hand then moves downward laying this packet on the table, with the Ace of Spades seemingly injogged on the bottom (Fig.3 - next page).

In practice, the hands actually move downwards at the same time as the cards are squared, adding the Jack of Spades.

Downjogging, squaring, and laying on the table is a continuous process that looks as if you were doing exactly what you purport to do.

In our example, the right hand would then come back to the deck and continue spreading until you come to the second black Jack, which again would be added behind a downjogged card. Once laid on the table, the remainder of the deck would be placed aside.

The right and left hands would then turn the two packets face-down, squaring the downjogged cards in the process. The top cards are now the black Jacks.


a. There is an alternative handling for the downjog. Which you use depends on which feels more comfortable. In our example where there is an Ace of Spades in front of a black Jack, move the right hand upwards, taking all the cards before, but not including, the Ace of Spades. Then grip the outer end of the Ace of Spades and move downwards, until the spread is again level with the black Jack. Again add the black Jack underneath as you square and lay the cards on the table.

b. In some situations it is preferable to upjog the card instead of downjogging it. It's obvious how to modify the directions above for this variation. However, always bear in mind that your audience is generally facing you, and an upjogged card is upside-down from their perspective.

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