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6. "I'm not sure who has what card now, but no one has their original card. Right? We need a magic word to return things back to where they started. Let me see if I can remember one. How about this: LASSIE, COME BACK. Sorry, I'm reverting to childhood memories. Here's one: RETURN TO SENDER."

Ask A to name her original card. When she says the Ace of Hearts, have her uncover her card and turn it face-up to show it's returned. Repeat with B. Finally have the audience name your card, and snap your two cards over as one to show the Three of Hearts.

After displaying the cards on each palm, pick up the Ace of Hearts, drop it on top of the Two of Hearts, pick up both and drop them on your Three of Hearts, then put them all back into the center of the deck.

Note: For those comfortable with palming, you can do without the Christ/Annemann alignment move. Simply Side Steal the bottom card into your right palm when you turn the Three of Hearts face-down. Then both hands move toward spectator B and your left hand places its cards on B's palm, while your right hand picks up the other card. Add the palmed card in the process, and immediately Side Steal the bottom card in order to transfer it to the top. Square the two cards in your left hand and move on to the finish.

Addenda to Ringmaster/Return to Sender: At the risk of spreading one trick too thin, this transposition can be combined with a location of a chosen card for an especially clean version. Simply spread the deck facedown and have a card pointed to in the middle. Use the Spread DoubleLift (see Chapter 23) to turn the chosen card(s) face-up for everyone to see. Then again use to Spread Double-lift to flip the card(s) face-down again. Place the top card into the middle of the top half and set it to one side, asking the audience to watch it closely and make sure you don't touch it. (This is the clever audience participant device Brother Hamman used in his famous "The Signed Card.")

Then, with the chosen card now secretly on top of the bottom half, spread it facing you until you find an Ace, Two, and Three of the same suit. Sometimes you won't be able to find a Ace, Two, and Three of the same suit, or even simply an Ace, Two, and Three, regardless of suits. If not, pick three distinctive cards that you feel the audience can remember. Upjog the Ace, Two, and Three, arrange them in order, then use the Vernon Add-on to add the chosen card on top. This time, slap the deck on top of the three (?) cards, then turn the deck face-down.

Then perform the trick as with the other two versions, except do the Double-lifts off the top of the deck. That way there is no extra card to dispose of. At the end, after asking for a magic word, the Ace and Two have returned to the right spectator, and you have . . . the chosen card.

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