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Two chosen cards are set aside while the two black Aces are used to find the red Aces. But it's the black Aces that are found instead. The original black Aces turn into the chosen cards, and the cards set aside become the red Aces.

Secretly cull the two red Aces on top to begin the trick.


1. Begin by saying, "We need two cards. Point to any two." Spread the cards face-up and upjog each card as it's pointed to. As you strip them out of the deck, use the Vernon Add-on to add the red Aces behind them. Turn the deck face-down and deal the top two cards off to the side, out of the way, saying, "We'll come back to those two. Just remember them for now."

2. Continue, saying, "First I want to show you something with the black Aces." Turn the deck face-up again and upjog the black Aces as you come to them. Be sure not to reveal the two chosen cards at the rear of the deck during this process. Close up the spread and strip out the two upjogged Aces, placing them to the rear and keeping a break above them. Now lower your hand, then turn the deck face-down executing the Stripout Reverse Switch (SRS, see the previous chapter).

This leaves the black Aces face-up at the bottom of the deck and the two chosen cards face-down on top of the deck.

3. "We'll put one Ace on the bottom, and leave one on top."

Now you execute a variation of Reinhard Muller's "3 Card Catch."

Take the top card off with the right hand and transfer it to the bottom, buckling the bottom card, so it actually goes second from the bottom. Leave it protruding slightly to the right (Fig.1).

"Maybe we'd better put it on the other side where you can see it more easily." Your right hand grasps the deck from above, while the left fingers pull the right-jogged card to the left until it lines up with the card underneath, then pulls

both to the left, until they are sidejogged on the left side (Fig.2). The left hand then grips the cards with the thumb on the top card, and the left fingers on both the pair of cards and the card now on the bottom of the deck.

4. "Watch closely and they'll find the other two Aces." Toss the deck from the left hand to the right and a single face-up black Ace will appear between the two face-down cards. Remark, "That's odd," as your right hand sets the deck aside, then takes the top facedown card off with the face-up black Ace underneath, which it lays on the table.

Your right hand places its face-down card underneath the card(s) in the left hand, then back-spreads the two cards, leaving the other black Ace hidden face-up underneath the top card.

"Watch again," you say, as you take the two-card spread into your right hand and the deck into your left, then pass the two-card spread upwards at the inner right corner of the deck, giving a rushing sound. During this "noisy" movement, spread the top card to the right and the other black Ace will appear (Fig.3). Set it down on the table with the first black Ace.

Note: Reinhard Müller developed this elegant double appearance among many other variations on his classic "3-Card Catch" and described it to us in an E-mail.

5. "Well, if these are the black Aces, these must be..." Turn the two cards over to show the chosen cards.

6. "Then what are these two cards?" Turn the two cards you set aside over to reveal the red Aces. You can now continue with a four Ace trick.

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