Guys In Disguise

After a spectator shuffles the deck you remove four "special cards" which appear to be a random selection. You state that the cards may "look" random, but they are in fact in disguise. The four cards now discard their disguises and appear as the four Kings!


1. Have a spectator shuffle a deck then take it back face-up into dealing grip.

Say, "I'm going to remove four special cards." Hold the deck with the faces towards you so that only you can see them, then spread through and upjog the four Kings. Close up the spread and strip out the four upjogged Kings, placing them to the rear and keeping a break above them. Now lower your hand, then turn the deck face-down executing the SRS.

This leaves the Kings face-up at the bottom of the deck and four random cards on top.

2. Deal the top four cards face-up onto the table, saying, "These might not look special but looks can be deceptive. These cards are in fact in disguise. You just don't recognize them."

3. Cut off half the deck and place it face-down on the table in front of the spectator. Now ask him to pick up any one of the four "special cards," saying, "The one you pick will be the 'extra-special card!'"

Take his selection and place it face-up on top of your packet leaving the card outjogged. Point out that the other three cards will be influenced by the extra-special card. As you direct attention towards the other three cards, turn the outjogged card face-down end-for-end executing an EndOver-End Double Deal Turn-over of top and bottom cards (See Vol. 1, Chapter 7). Deal the top card onto his half deck then ask him to put his finger on top of it.

4. Pick up the other three cards and push them face-up into the middle of your packet—using your left thumb to create an opening—then push them flush, obtaining a little finger break below them.

5. Snap your fingers over your cards, then over his cards. Ask him to turn over the top card of his packet, saying, "Hey, look at that!" His card has changed into a King. As he is doing this, casually execute a Classic Pass. Finally, say, "And look at this!" as you spread your cards between your hands revealing that the other three cards are now Kings also.

The three reversed cards on the bottom of your section are easily corrected as you reassemble the deck.

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