Four Wrongs Make A Right

Four incorrect cards come together to find a chosen card.


1. Have a card selected and controlled to the top.

2. Hold the deck face-down and spread through asking the spectator to touch any four cards. When he touches a card you flip it face-up, then outjog it. Ask if he found his card—he'll say no.

3. Riffle down the deck with your left thumb and break between the four cards (two above and two below). Do RSC Multiple Shift (vertical method) as you start to tilt your hand so the faces are towards the spectator.

You now begin to pivot out the upper section with your right hand. As you do so, however, your thumb slides the top card inwards, so that it finishes on top of the inner section (Fig. 1), then the upper section is removed and placed on top as normal.

4. Ask for the name of the selection, saying, "Well, if none of these four cards are your card, maybe they can find the card for us." Ribbon Spread showing all four face-up cards together in the middle with a face-down card between. This is the selection.

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