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RSC is combined with Henry Christ's Sum and Difference Principle to create a puzzling double location.


1. Give the deck to a spectator, saying, "Shuffle the deck. We need two cards for this trick, so I want you to look through and remove any card and place it face-down on the table. Then, I'll pick one. To keep things simple all court cards will equal ten." Once he has placed a card on the table, take the deck and spread through—count twenty cards then downjog the twenty-first, and toss out a Ten spot face-down onto the first

card, saying, "The success of this trick will depend entirely on these two cards. Let's call them our Magic Cards."

2. Turn the deck face-down and lift up on the injog, cutting off the upper section, then shuffle the two packets together. Carry out RSC with the twenty card packet at the inner end—spectator A notes the upper card— spectator B the lower card, then complete the process. Card A is 20th and card B is on the bottom.

3. Ask a spectator to turn over the two Magic Cards. Explain that they will do a magic trick. You now do a standard sandwich sequence. Take one from him and drop it face-up on top of the deck. Take the other card and apparently place it face-up on the bottom—instead you do a Pull Down or Buckle so it goes second from the bottom. Invite spectator B to give the deck a complete cut. Spread the deck revealing a face-down card has appeared between the two face-up cards. Cut them to the top and remove the three card sandwich, placing it on the table.

Ask spectator B to name his card, then turn over the trapped card to reveal the selection.

4. Place the deck on the table and draw attention to the values of the two Magic cards. One is a Ten spot because that's what you took out. The other is either a Ten (court cards = ten too) or less. Less brings in the Christ concept. However, if both equal ten, simply have their values totaled (giving 20) then ask spectator A to count down to the 20th card which will be his selection.

If the values are different, say, a Ten and a Six, do this:

Ask spectator A to add their values then deal off that number of cards—in this case sixteen. Now ask him to subtract their values, which gives four. He then deals four more cards and retains the final one. This will be his selection.

Note: You could begin by stating that the spectator should remove a low value card, and that you will remove a high card. This will guarantee the Christ Sum and Difference. But no-one knows what to expect so there is really no need to limit the choice.

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