Flipover Couples

A variation on the above. Here the four Kings reverse one at a time, while simultaneously locating their perfect partners, the Queens.

The plot is, of course, Hofzinser's "Royal Marriages."

Cull the four Queens to the top in a known order, say, C-H-S-D from the top down. Arrange the Kings in the same order through the deck. Actually, you don't even need to do the latter—you can strip them out with your left hand one by one in the required order once they're outjogged..


1. Hold the deck face-up and spread through upjogging the four Kings. Strip out the Kings and do SRS.

2. Deal the top four cards into a row on the table calling them the Kings.

3. Pick up the left-hand King (Clubs) and do the Marlo Reverse Double Undercut to make it turn face-up. Take the King plus the next card and place both back on the table. Repeat with the other three Kings.

Finally reveal that each King has found his perfect Queen.

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