Final Phase

Send Out the Search Party

Here we use a Frank Garcia idea for "Spectator Cuts to the Aces" that was published in his lecture notes. This is combined with the RSC Multiple Shift (See Chapter 21).

1. Pick up the deck and hold it face-down in left hand dealing grip. Say, "I stated earlier that Pathfinders never get lost. But there was one occasion, they were still novices, when they did get lost. Here's what happened."

Pick up selection A and insert it face down about a third of the way down from the top leaving it outjogged. Pick up selection B and insert it just below center. Then insert selection C into the lower third of the deck. All three cards are outjogged.

Riffle down the left side of the deck with your left thumb and break the deck anywhere between cards A and B. Carry out the RSC Multiple Shift, getting a break above the first card. Finally carry out a Spin Cut (or Double Cut) taking the upper section to the bottom.

This leaves A on top and B and C at the bottom.

2. "With all the twists and turns, our pathfinders got lost and we had to call out a search party to find them. You can be that search party." Give the deck to spectator A and ask him to place it face-down on the table. Now ask B to cut off about two-thirds of the pack and place it to the right. Then ask C to cut off about half and place that packet to the right of all. This results in three roughly equal piles, though the size of the piles is not important.

3. Pick up the original bottom section and place it into left hand dealing grip—immediately catch a break above the bottom two cards. You can do it one-handed by Buckling slightly, then inserting the little finger above the lower two cards, at the same time as you square the other two piles with your right hand. If you find that tricky, simply pick up the pile and spread it, remarking, "That looks like about a third of the deck." Then pick up the break as you square the cards.

You now remove the top card from each pile as follows:

cards a) Bring the right hand over and take the packet in a Biddle grip but don't lift it out of the left hand just yet. Now peel off the top card into your left hand—however—as you do this the lower two cards secretly remain in your left hand, and your little finger automatically retains a break between these two cards and the single card you just counted (Fig.5).

b) Without pause, the right hand replaces the packet on the table and then picks up the middle pile. Peel off the top card onto the cards in your left hand, then replace the pile back in position on the table. You maintain your break—now under two cards.

c) Pick up the final packet and peel off the top card onto the cards in your left hand, but this time you steal back the two cards above the break. Replace the packet on the table.

You now hold three cards—these are the selections—and they are in order A-B-C.

Say, "And, that evening, the search party celebrated a highly successful mission," as you deal the three cards face-up onto the respective piles.

Chapter 24

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