Final Control

a) Riffle down the deck with the left thumb until a spectator stops you. Lifts the cards above the break with your right hand in a near-Biddle grip. The right fingers at the far end extend onto the face of the half pack, with the thumb at the rear left corner, and little finger at the outer right corner (Fig.1a)

b) Your right middle and third fingers pivot the card to the right. As soon as its upper right and lower left corners meet the little finger and thumb respectively, the thumb and little finger squeeze together softly, forcing the card to buckle downward (Fig.1b).

c)Now slide the right-hand half onto the left half. Due to the bottom card being buckled downward, it will automatically go to the bottom of the deck (Fig.1c).

Note: since publication of Vol. 1, Harvey Rosenthal provided us with some background to his own development of an identical sleight. Harvey published his in Epilogue #10 (Fulves, 1979), but it was developed some years before.

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