Express Aces

A rapid and visual four Ace production, which uses the standard Müller "Three Card Catch."

The four Aces start on the bottom of the deck in the following order, reading from the bottom up:

Face-up red Ace, face-down black Ace, face-down red Ace, face-up black Ace.

The face-up red Ace is on the bottom.


1. Shuffle the deck retaining the bottom stock, then Double Cut the bottom two cards to the top.

2. Dribble the cards from hand to hand (or riffle with your left thumb), taking care not to expose the reversed cards near top and bottom, and ask someone to call stop. Thumb off two cards from the lower half faceup onto the table, then replace the upper half.

Pick up one of the selections and place it face-up on top of the deck, saying, "I was really hoping you'd pick a couple of Aces, but maybe we can do something with these two cards. I'll place one on top of the deck..." At this, using the natural break, flip over a triple. Then continue, saying, "...and the other one on the bottom," as you pick up the other

selection and apparently place it on the bottom. In fact, you pull down with your little finger at least two cards, then insert the card flush into the break, then take the deck in a right hand Biddle grip and slide the bottom card to the left.

4. Place your left fingers flat below the deck and your thumb on top, then take your right hand away and do the "3 Card Catch," tossing the main deck onto the table. Three cards remain in your left hand in a spread. The middle card is a face-up black Ace. The other black Ace has simultaneously appeared face-up on top of the deck.

Say, "Ah, there are the two black Aces I was looking for!"

Remove the face-up Ace from between the two face-down cards—rub it against the cards, then snap them face-up revealing that they are now the two red Aces, saying, "But it's better to have all four!"

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