This is an especially easy, yet convincing method of doing a Double Deal Turnover, which is best used with a small packet of cards. Hold the packet in the left hand, in whatever dealing grip is normal for you - a mechanic's grip is preferred as it makes it easier to automatically align

Your right fingers come over the top of the deck and push the top card forward about three-quarters of an inch (Fig.5). The amount isn't critical.

Your right hand then shifts and comes over the far end of the outjogged card, in order to turn

2nd card is stde-jogged the cards at the end.

the cards at the end.

it face-up on top of the deck. Actually the right fingers reach all the way under the outjogged card until they contact the bottom card of the packet. With the fingers underneath the bottom card, and the thumb on top of the top card, pull both outwards, then lever them face-up, endover-end on top of the deck (Fig.6). There is even less need to worry about alignment here than with the Straddle method, as the right fingers cover everything during the process. The only bad angle is dead left.

When the cards are fully face-up on top, if you're using a mechanic's grip, you'll find that they are automatically aligned between the left first finger at the outer end and the right thumb at the inner end. That's all there is to it.

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