Dribble Halfpass

This one is dead easy—only timing is required. It's for correcting a faced deck and cannot be used to turn the lower half face-up. Let's say the lower half of the deck is face-up at the end of a trick (obviously you can correct single cards with this too). You want to clean up in front of the audience to continue. Make sure there's a natural break where the sections meet.

a) Take the deck in a Biddle grip and place it on your left fingers—lift at the natural break and "immediately" two things start to happen—your left fingers flip over the lower half while your right hand starts to dribble the upper half on top (Figs.8, 9, & 10).

Time this right and it's invisible. A tip on the lifting and riffling :

Don't lift the upper section straight up. Lift it higher at the inner end and move it forward slightly—this blocks the view of the lower section. It's a short dribble and not a wide one, made by the right thumb without the fingers doing anything.

Final clue—it's rather like the way you might riffle a Svengali deck, except the cards are not held as vertical.

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