Double Reversal

Two spectators each pick a card and both cards are lost into the deck. Then, one at a time, each magically reverses.


1. Slowly spread the cards face-up from hand to hand and invite a spectator (A) to touch a card and then remember it. Outjog it under the spread cards then continue to spread for spectator (B) to also note a card.

Square the deck, but in the process pick up a left finger break anywhere in the deck between the two chosen cards.

2. You're now going to do a variation of Stop Actio Pi 2

the "RSC-MS Reversal" procedure. Say "Let's mix the cards up a bit," as you right thumb goes into the break, right fingers on top (Fig.1). Then turn your right hand palm up, turning the top half face-down, end-over-end in the process (Fig.2). The right and left halves come together, so that everything lines up.

Raise both hands so the underside of the deck is facing the audience. Your right hand immediately pivots, then strips these cards out to the right (Figs.3 and 4). Without pause, the left hand now turns over and drops its cards on top of the right-hand cards.

The deck is now face-down with A's card face-up in the middle, and B's face-up on the bottom. All of these moves should be done in a smooth, unhurried sequence, and should appear as if you were doing a rather fancy series of cuts to lose the cards.

3. Ask A to name his card. Spread the cards widely (keeping the bottom card hidden) to reveal A's cards face-up in the middle. Take the face-up card away under the right hand spread and lay on the table.

4. Slide the right hand cards under the left's cards. Now ask B to name her card. Ribbon Spread the deck to reveal B's card is now face-up in the spread.

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