Double Reversal

Two spectators each pick a card and both cards are lost into the deck. Then, one at a time, each magically reverses.


1. As you're fiddling with the deck, use the Spread Half-Pass to secretly reverse the bottom quarter (approximately) of the deck. Hindu shuffle until Spectator (A) stops you. Your left hand pushes off the top card and raises to show it to A, then get a break under it as you add the right-hand cards on top.

2. As you turn to Spectator (B), Double Cut to the break, bringing the chosen card to the bottom underneath the face-up cards. Spread the deck for B to point to a card. Try to make it near the middle; don't spread into the face-up cards.

Your right hand takes the chosen card under its spread and displays it to B. As you replace the right hand cards on the left, do the Spread HalfPass.

3. Ask A to name her card. Make a magical gesture and spread to show A's card face-up in the middle of the deck. Be careful not to spread all the way to the face-up cards.

4. Do RV as your turn A's card face-down. Ask B to name his card. Again, a magical gesture, then spread to show B's card is now reversed in the middle. The face-up cards on the bottom of deck can be turned back at your convenience. The Dribble Half-Pass works perfectly here.

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