Double Oreo Collectors

The four Aces are displayed, then left on top of the deck. Two cards are chosen without being removed from the deck. When the fours Aces are removed, and spread face-up, there are now only three Aces, with the two chosen cards face-down between them.


1. Remove the four Aces and turn them face-up on top of the deck in red - black - red - black order, from face to back. Turn them face-down and secretly push the second from top Ace to the right slightly in readiness for CAC (See Vol. 1, Chapter 2. Also in sleights at the back of this volume.).

2. Slowly riffle down the outer left corner of the deck until stopped somewhere in the top half. Flip over the card so that the spectator can note it, then CAC it under the sidejogged Ace. While you remark that you probably need a second card, get into position again for CAC. Have a second card noted—this time from the bottom half of the deck, then carry out CAC once more.

3. Count four cards off the top of the deck into your right hand, reversing their order in the process. However, you take two as one on the count of two. Place the deck aside.

POSITION CHECK: You hold five cards (apparently the four Aces). These are: a black Ace, first chosen card, red Ace, second chosen card, black Ace.

4. Spread over the top three cards, holding the last two together as one. Flip the third card face-up to display a red Ace, saying, "This is the most important Ace. It controls everything."

Do a variation of Straddle RV as you turn it face-down; after it falls faceup, allow it to square with the other two cards, then your left thumb pushes the upper two card to the right as one. Now Robverse is done with the second card aligning with both squared cards, so that actually three cards are turned over. The single card on top during Robverse offers plenty of cover.

5. "I'm sure everyone has seen an Oreo cookie, with the filling in between two chocolate cookies. Here's a double Oreo cookie." Turn the packet face-up and spread to show three face-up Aces: black, red, black, with two face-down cards in between (Fig.1). Turn over the whole "cookie" to reveal the chosen cards.

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