Data Collectors

After a card is chosen, the Aces locate three cards: one with the value of the chosen card, one with the suit, and finally the chosen card itself.

This, and the two tricks that follow, are variations on the Walton "Collectors" theme.


Hold the deck face-up and glimpse the rear card—let's say that it's the Jack of Clubs. Cull any Club to the back, followed by any Jack. Make it a

red Jack for contrast, though this isn't essential. So the deck reads from top down:

Red Jack-Club-Jack of Clubs. (Obviously, this will be adjusted for the card you actually glimpsed.)

1. Run through and upjog the four Aces, calling them "data collectors". Turn the deck face-down and strip out the Aces, also getting a break under the top card.

2. You now display the Aces as follows, while loading two cards between them; the Aces are in right hand Biddle grip (first two counts are fair):

a) Pull off top Ace (name the suit) and transfer it to the back of the packet.

b) Pull off the next Ace (name the suit) and transfer it to the back of the packet.

c) Now pick up the card above the break as you pull off the third Ace— which you transfer to the rear—obtaining a new break under the top card of the deck.

d) Pick up the new broken card as you transfer the fourth Ace to the rear. Turn the packet face-down and square it—as you do this allow the bottom Ace to fall onto the deck. Place the remaining cards face-down on the table.

3. Hold a break under the top card with your right thumb and cut the bottom half of the deck to the top. The break is maintained in the middle. Spread through and ask someone to call stop. Simply time your spread actions to force the break point and flip over the Jack of Clubs. Turn it face-down doing Robverse, and keep a break above it. Double Cut to the break bringing these two cards to the top.

4. Say, "Now we need the data collectors." Pick up the Aces and turn them face-up. Place them square on top of the deck then immediately spread revealing three face-down cards trapped between them (Fig. 1), saying, "It looks like they've collected some data for us." Retain the seven-card spread and place rest of the deck aside.

Explain that the first card will tell you the value of the selection. Turn this card face-up—it's a Jack. Say that the next card will reveal the suit. Turn this card face-up—it's a Club. Say, with a smile, "So now we have a pretty good idea what your card might be! However, this last card will tell us the suit and the value! and if you think about it there's only one card that can do that what was your card?" He names it—you turn over the last card revealing his selection.

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