Collective Unconscious

A very easy version of the classic Walton Collector's plot using the Müller "Three Card Catch Variation."


1. Remove the four Aces and leave them in a face-up pile on the table with the two blacks on top of the two reds.

2. Have three cards chosen and, after their return, control one to the top of the deck and two to the bottom. One easy way to do this is to use RSC Multiple Shift (see Chapter 21), breaking below the top card in the first stage, picking up a little finger break above that card, then Double-Cutting to the break. With the deck face-down in dealing position, obtain a break under the top card.

3. Pick up the Aces and place them on top of the deck, then immediately lift off all five cards in a Biddle grip. Count the Aces onto the deck one at a time forming a small spread, the final two cards go on top as one. Close the spread, inserting your left little finger under the second red Ace. Lift off the three cards above the break and place them on the bottom of the deck keeping a little finger break above them, as you say, "The red Aces go on the bottom." Spread the top two cards showing the black Aces, saying, "..and the blacks stay on top. The complete deck now lies between the Aces."

4. Take the deck into right-hand Biddle grip, then slide the bottom three cards to the left as a unit so they are sidejogged. Say, "The Aces will now fly into my hands."

Toss the deck into the right hand so it arrives with the thumb on top and the fingers below. The top and bottom cards of the deck remain behind along with the three-card unit.

Note: If you find the top two black Aces stick together, then keep them spread after you display them in step 3. When you toss, you'll catch the second black Ace from the top and the top card will remain on top. This all depends on how slick or sticky your deck is.

Now, without pause, the right hand tosses the deck to the table, retaining top and bottom cards (Fig.1). This latter part is the standard Toss flourish used by Houdin and Hofzinser.

Immediately move both hands forward as you bring them together. The right hand cards go on top of the left hand cards, and a complete spread is laid on the table—four Aces with three face-down cards interlaced between

Have the selections named, then turn over the three face-down cards to conclude.

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