Card Conspiracy

Preface i

Chapter 13 - Interlocked Principle p. 1

Description of principle p. 1

Topmost p. 5

Blackjack Aces p. 7

Between 2 Worlds p. 8

Chapter 14 - Jog Switch p. 10

Description of move p. 10

The Producers p. 12

JS Ace Production p. 13

Rags to Riches p. 14

Chapter 15 - The Kosky Switch p. 17

Description of move p. 17

Compression Agents p. 18

Compression Agents Revisited p. 20

Fan Dancing Queens p. 23

Infallible Foolable Kings p. 25

Self Correcting Sandwich & variants p. 27

Chapter 16 - Miscellaneous - General p. 34

Bottom Biddle Following Orders p. 34

Change-Over Queens p. 35

Clockwise p. 37

Con-found p. 38

The Piston p. 40

Shiftless Royalty p. 42

Impaired Royalty p. 44

The Ringmaster p. 45

Return to Sender p. 48

Traveling Queen p. 50

Vollmer Variant p. 52

Ambitious & Overworked p. 55

Chapter 17 - Miscellaneous - Set-ups p. 60

Flexible Choice p. 60

Harvey's Harvest p. 61

Domino Effect p. 64

Gilbreath Plays Dominoes p. 66

A Slight Slant on Slaight p. 66

Another Slant on Slaight p. 68

Iain Girdwood's Unicycle Stack + The Accidental Diary p. 68

Chapter 18 - Prime Number Principle p.73

Description of Co-Prime Principle p. 73

Last Card Standing & variants p. 74

Iain Girdwood's Prime Deal p. 76

Phake Dyce Trique p. 77

Chapter 19 - Principle of Nine p. 79

Description of principle p. 79

Fate, Chance & Science p. 80

Witchwatch p. 82

Teenwork p. 83

Chapter 20 - Karl Fulves' Riffle Shuffle Control p. 85

Description of move p. 85

For Christ's Sake p. 86

Murder Mystery p. 88

Mode 2 Order 2 p. 90

Pokerevelation p. 92

Synchronicity p. 93

Chapter 21 - RSC Multiple Shift p. 95

Description of move p. 95

Double Reversal p. 99

Four Wrongs Make a Right p. 100

Odd men Out p. 101

Chapter 22 - Robverse p. 103

Description of Move p. 103

A Card Between Aces p. 105

Contrary Toss-in p. 106

Data Collectors p. 107

Double Oreo Collectors p. 109

Streetwise Collectors p. 110

Focalized Aces p. 111

Mr. Memory Man (Jamie Badman) p. 113

Psychicardtric p. 115

RV Visitor p. 116

The Intruder p. 117

Turning Tricks p. 119

Twisting the Connected Kings p. 121

Chapter 23 - Spread Double-Lift p. 123

Description of move p. 123

Jumping Jack Flash p. 124

Jumping Jack Flash Returns p. 125

Pathfinders p. 126

Chapter 24 - Spread Half-Pass p. 131

Description of move & variants p. 131

Double Reversal p. 134

Chapter 25 - Stripout Reverse Switch p. 137

Description of move p. 137

Flip-over Flush p. 138

Flip-over Couples p. 139

Near Miss p. 140

From Rags to Royalty p. 141

Guys in Disguise p. 142

Chapter 26 - Three Card Catch p. 146

Description of move p. 146

The Mathemagicians p. 149

Collective Unconscious p. 150

Express Aces p. 152

Appendix: Sleights referred to in the text from Vol. 1 p. 154

Addenda to Vol. 1 p. 158

Index p. 161


Card Conspiracy was originally written as a single volume with an unusual organization. Each chapter was organized around a central move (or a concept, principle, or subtlety), with the chapters arranged in alphabetical order. When it was split into two volumes, Vol. 1 began with "B" for "Biddle Force" (we didn't have an "A"), and ended with "H" for "Hummer Principle." Vol. 2 begins where Vol. 1 ended, with "I" for the "Interlocked Principle" and ends with "T" for "Three Card Catch." (No, there isn't an abbreviated Vol. 3 for "U"—"Z". But there will be another similar volume in the future).

We have little to add to this second volume beyond what we said in the preface to Vol. 1, except that we have been pleased by the response to that volume. You'll find more chapters, more tricks, more moves and more pages in this volume.

We would like to thank our friends Aldo Colombini, Max Maven and Reinhard Müller for providing historical notes, corrections, and additions for several of the tricks in Vol. 1.

Chapter 13

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