Card Catch

Reinhard Muller's "3-Card Catch" was first published in Pallbearer's Review in July, 1971. It quickly became a classic, especially using Harvey Rosenthal's handling, which was described in the October, 1971 Pallbearer's Review, and which is described below. We thank both Reinhard and Harvey for allowing us to describe their techniques in this section.

Let's assume that you have removed the two red Aces and placed them on the table, then had a card chosen and controlled to the bottom of the deck.

1. Pick up the Aces and place them face-up on top of the deck. Your right hand now picks up the deck in Biddle position so that the left hand can take the top face-up Ace off and place it on the bottom of the deck, but openly sidejogged an inch to the left (Fig.1). The left hand then re-grips the deck with the thumb on the top card, little finger on the sidejogged Ace, and second finger on the chosen card on the bottom on the deck (Fig.2). The other fingers don't really grip the deck.

2. If you now toss the deck into the right hand, the Aces will appear to have caught a card face-down between them (Fig.3). When you turn your hand over, the card is seen to be the chosen card. The pressure of the thumb, second and little fingers makes this automatic.

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