Blackjack Black Jacks

Reinhard Müller

The final sentence of "Black Jacks & Black Jack" (page 47) contains an error when we state that the spectator's final cards will be an Ace and a Jack. They will, in fact, be an Ace and a Ten, thus offering a total change from court cards to spot cards. Reinhard Müller saw instead a way to achieve our stated ending of an Ace and a Jack.

1) Cull an Ace to the top. Perform step 1.

2) In Step 2, lift off five cards (red Jack, red Jack, black Jack, black Jack (all face up), Ace (face down), then take the packet in right hand Biddle position. Place the rest of the deck aside.

3) Pull off a red Jack into the left hand and turn it face down with the right hand packet. Perform the same handling with 2nd red Jack and 1st black Jack. Place the double card on the packet in left hand then flip the top card over (effectively, the last black Jack is turned face down).

4) Secure a break under the top card, that is the 2nd black Jack, and turn the packet face up keeping the break, then fan the four cards, showing:

Red Jack, red Jack, black Jack (Ace hidden behind), black Jack.

Slide the two red Jacks between the black Jacks and turn packet face down.

5) Perform step 5 (as in Vol.1); spectator gets the Ace, then steps 6, 7, and 8. In step 5 you can show again the two red Jacks - pull them off fan-wise into a side jog. In the end, the spectator gets an Ace and a red Jack!

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