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The black Jacks turn into Blackjacks and Aces.

You need to begin with the Aces and black Jacks on the bottom of the deck in order from the face: Jack - Ace - Ace - Jack - Ace - Ace.


1. Give the deck any shuffle that leaves the bottom stack undisturbed. When you're ready to begin, create a final set-up by getting a break over the bottom three cards, then pull about half the deck from above the break inwards (Fig. 1) and place it on top. Then cut about a quarter of the deck to the bottom. This should leave one Ace - Ace - Jack stack about a quarter from the top of the deck, the other stack about a quarter from the face.

2. "We need the black Jacks for this trick."Spread the deck face-up, tilted slightly so the spectators can't yet see the faces. You're going to use a variation on the Jog Switch method of setting up for the Interlocked Principle. When you come to the first black Jack, upjog it, then push over the Ace and take it behind the right hand cards (Fig.2). Now move all the cards to the left of the Ace upwards until they align with the Jack (Fig.3).

Continue spreading a few more cards, then lower your hands as you lay the stepped packets down on the table, roughly squaring their sides in

the process by tapping them against the remaining left-hand cards. A black Jack will show on the bottom of the lower step of the tabled cards (Fig.4).

Repeat with the second Jack, except that 4

this time all the remaining cards are squared behind the Jack, and you retain the cards in the left hand.

3. Turn the stepped packet in the left hand face-down, turning sideways. Turn the left hand palm-down to display the black Jack one more time, then palm-up again. The right hand switches out the Jack as usual, this time using the excuse of turning the top packet to form a cross on top of the other packet. Then lay the cards on the table.

4. Pick up the other stepped packet from the table and repeat.

5. "I said we need the black Jacks for this trick, but where I come from, to make a Blackjack, you also need Aces." Having said this, your right and left hands each pick up the crossed packets on top, each of which seemingly have black Jacks on the bottom, and turn over to show Aces. Lay these packets face-up in front of the others.

"All four Aces." Turn over the top cards of the remaining packets, which are seemingly the only place the Jacks could have disappeared to, to show the last two Aces.

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