Between 2 Worlds

Two cards chosen from different colored decks, each appear in the middle of the opposite colored deck.


1. Place a red deck and a blue deck side-by-side on the table, and say, "As we go through life, we are startled at how different the world seems to others. It is as if we live in two different worlds, as different as night and day. Imagine these two decks—one red and one blue—represent those two different worlds."

2. Ask someone to cut each deck in half, forming four piles, then have each packet shuffled.

Pick up a blue half-deck (for example) and place it in your left hand, picking up a break under the top card. Pick up a red half-deck, hold it up for a spectator to remember the face card, then place it on top of the blue deck, injogged for half its length. In the process, however, Final Control the chosen card into the break as explained previously, saying, "These blue cards represent one world, the reds another. And remember this person, who will be our representative from the red world. Let's briefly bring those worlds together."

3. Turn the stepped packet face-up end-over-end to once more emphasize the identity of the chosen red card. Turn it over again sideways. Shift the red cards back slightly then forwards again. In the process the left first finger pushes the Interlocked chosen card into the blue pack. Lay the cards on the table for a moment, still stepped, saying, "We'll leave the two worlds touching for now."

4. Now repeat steps 2 and 3, with the remaining red cards placed first in the left hand and a card noted in the blue cards. "This will be our representative from the blue world. Again we'll bring these worlds together."

6. Ribbon Spread each deck on the table. In each case there will be a different colored card in the middle. Remove them and ask each spectator to name their card. Turn them over for the finish. "Perhaps if one person from each world can come to understand the other, so can all."

5. There are now two pairs of stepped halves on the table, one with reds on blues, one with blues on reds (Fig.1). Slowly pick up the top halves, cross your arms and place each on its same colored half, saying, "Can we ever come to understand the other world? Does familiarity breed not contempt, but sympathy?"

Chapter 14

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