Another Slant On Slaight


X-Q-J-10-9-8-Red 7-Red 7-6-5-4-3-2-X-X (crimped)-Black 7 - rest of deck.


1. Take out the remaining black Seven (i.e., not in the set-up) and set it aside as a prediction. Force the black Seven under the crimp and have it replaced in the same position. Force it on a third spectator, not either of the ones throwing the dice, and stress to him that he must not say anything or give you any hints as the trick goes on.

2. Now proceed as in the first version, using the two cards, which total fourteen. When you turn over the fourteenth card, it's the third person's chosen card. Then, the prediction is turned over and it's also a black Seven.

If they throw the dice and get a seven, the other person finds a seven total underneath, too. We're not assuming that's a give-away for the audience, so say, "That's really odd, I can't remember that ever happening before." When you turn over the two cards, they're both Sevens! Add them and count down fourteen and you get a third Seven. Look at the person who took a card and he agrees that's his card. Finally remember the prediction and turn it over to find the last Seven.

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