Alternative Nopass Handling For Ending

As you deal the top card onto his half deck at the end of step 3, the left hand turns palm down, bringing the other three Kings to the top. As the right hand comes back it grips the left packet, momentarily, so that you can place it back into normal dealing grip (Fig.1).

4. Pick up the other three cards and push them face-up into the middle of your packet—using your left thumb to create an opening, but not enough of an opening so that the spectators can see that the cards are all faceup—then push them flush.

5. In step 5, ask the spectator to lift his finger from the "extra-special card," so that you can turn over the top card of his packet.

Pick up this half, with the King face-up on top, and turn it end-over-end on top of the left half. Then turn the whole pack over end-over-end. Pause, then spread the deck to display all four Kings together face-up in the middle.

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