Ahoy Matey

A spectator finds three sets of mated twins in a very fair manner. Set up a six card packet, from back to face:

red Ace - black 5 - red 4 - red 4 - red Ace - black 5. Place the packet on the face of the deck.


1. Get a break over the bottom three cards. Spread the deck for a spectator to choose three cards at random. Make sure they are chosen before you get to the bottom six cards of the deck. Use the Vernon Addon to add the three cards as you strip out the chosen cards. Finally do SRS, as you turn the deck face-up.

2. Deal out the red Four, black Five, red Ace left to right, as you comment, "Let's see what you chose. Hmm, nothing spectacular. Let's try something more."

3. You now do the Cut Force (See Chapter 3).

Again, briefly;

Ask him to cut off a section— turn it face-down and place it on the table. You now pick up the face-up section, place it on top of the face-down section and immediately spread the full deck across the table.

4. Say, "The first card you chose was a Four, so let's deal four cards." Pick up the face-down half at which the spectator supposedly cut, and deal three cards into a pile on the table in front of the Four, placing the fourth card on top of the Four (Fig. 1), then put the three dealt cards back on the talon.

Again, briefly;

"And the next card is a Five, so we'll deal five cards." Do just that, placing the fifth card on top of the Five on the table. Again replace the dealt cards on the talon.

"Your last card is an Ace, so we'll deal one card." Deal the top card on top of the Ace.

5. "Isn't this interesting. You selected three cards at random, then cut to their mates," you say, as you turn over the three face-down cards to show two red Fours, two black Fives, and two red Aces.

Chapter 26

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