Slight Slant On Slaight

A coincidence and prediction using two dice and a deck of cards.

This is a variation of Allan Slaight "Nice Dice" from Precursor #72 (Nov. 1999). The precursor for Slaight's trick was Stewart James' "James Miracle" from Scarne on Card Tricks, 1950.

Set-up the deck as follows:

X-Q-J-10-9-8-7-7-6-5-4-3-2-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-AS - rest of deck

1. Begin by saying that the number seven is not only your lucky number, but it also has mystic properties. Remove a Seven spot and lay it face-up to one side. Now say you want two spectators to arrive at their mystic numbers, and these plus your number will be combined to create a miracle, and dice will be used to achieve this.

Write a prediction—Ace of Spades—and leave this with someone.

finish. However, you can proceed using seven if you want. It just means that both spectators will have the same number. Let's say the top numbers are four and five (Fig.1) and so the bottom numbers are three and two.

2. Give the deck to the spectator with the smaller total—five—and ask him to count down to the fifth card and leave it face-down in front of him. He doesn't need to retain any order when he counts. The dealt cards are replaced on top and the other spectator takes the deck and does the same, dealing the ninth card face-down in front of him. The dealt cards are replaced.

a) Both spectators turn over their cards and each has got a card equal to the other's number.

b) You now add your mystic seven and all three cards are totaled = 21. They deal to the twenty-first card and leave it face-down. The prediction is opened which states "Ace of Spades," then the card is turned over revealing the Ace of Spades.


The dice are rolled and the top numbers added by one spectator and then a second spectator totals the bottom numbers. If seven is rolled, it's preferable to point out that seven "is already my number" and ask them to roll again. The variation that follows covers this better with its four-of-a-kind

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