Card Between Aces

A card is selected and cut back into the deck. You state that you will make the card turn over, but when you spread the cards, instead of the selection, it's the four Aces that are face-up. Not a bad trick, but it's not what you intended! You flip the Aces face-down and offer to try again. This time the magic works and the selection is seen to be face-up on the middle. But, not only is it in the middle of the deck—it's in the middle of the four Aces!


1. Cull the four Aces to the top of the deck with the two reds on top. Hold the deck face-down with a break below the Aces and carry out a Braue Reversal as you turn the deck face-up. This positions the Aces face-down beneath the face-up deck.

Or alternatively start with the Aces on the bottom, and use the Straddle Reverse Switch technique to reverse them as you turn the deck face-up. (See chapter 25 for this).

2. Spread the cards and ask a spectator to touch any one. Outjog the card, then remove it and place it on the face of the deck. Give the deck a complete cut then turn it face-down.

3. Say, "I'm going to make your card turn face-up. Watch!" Riffle the cards then spread them between your hands to reveal, not the selection, but the four Aces face-up in the middle. The blacks are uppermost.

Pause, then say, "Well that's a pretty good trick, even if it's not quite what I intended!"

Continue, saying, "So we've got two red Aces and two black Aces." As you say this, flip the two red Aces face-down as unit (Fig. 1), then flip the two black Aces face-down but execute Robverse, so that the card above them flips over with them. Finally close up the spread.

4. "Let's try again." Riffle the deck and ribbon spread it across the table revealing the selected card is now face-up. Success!

After a pause, slide out the selection along with the two cards on its left and the two cards on its right. Then say, "And, here's another pretty good trick," as you flip over the four cards revealing the four Aces—two on either side of the selection.

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