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ASF: "Remember how easy it was to kiss girls playing truth or dare in high school? Well, guess what... it still works with college age women... Except now you're fucking! My wingman and I use this everytime we bring girls back to my house. We always end up banging our chicks of choice, but the best part is you get to do freaky shit with both of them! Not to mention that the lesbian action (unavoidable when playing with me!) is a great way to psyche yourself up for some serious sex. We make a plan about what and who we are gonna do before we start and prep each other with good dares and truths. DO NOT play this without whip cream... this is the most important accessory you will need. You will be amazed when you see how turned on a girl can get just by liking whipped cream off her stomach. Start off with little stuff like kisses and then move up to licking whipped cream off nipples, dryfucking, lapdances, and the closer... Dare your wing to go in a room with one of the chicks for 5 minutes and see what happens. At this time grab the other girl and wear out your carpet. At this point the girls will be so turned on from the licking and kissing that you can basically do whatever you want with them. When you're alone in the room you can be like, "I dare you to let me come in your mouth" etc. Sounds great so far right? But your worried about how to get the game started. You cant just say, "Ok, time for truth or dare". To the girls it sounds more like, "Ok, time for us to use you for our sexual entertainment." You have to sneak them into it. My recipe goes like this: start off with the greatest drinking game of all time, Asshole, to get them nice and liquored up. Then move on to the game I'm about to describe.

Throw out any cards below an 8. Take the rest and spread them in a circle around the biggest cup you can find. Now you take turns drawing cards.

8 = Band Names. Go around the table saying band names. Each name has to start with the last letter of the previous name. For instance, I say Vanilla Ice, the next person says Eric Clapton, next person says Nine Inch Nails. If you cant think of one in ten seconds then you drink and the next person draws a card.

9 = Truth. You can ask whoever you want.

10 = Person to the left drinks for 5 sec. Jack = Dare. Whoever you want. Queen = Everyone drinks for 5 count.

King = Fill up the huge cup with 1/3 of the way full with whatever you are drinking. The person who draws the last king has to pound whatever nasty mixture ends up in the cup. After a few rounds you will start running out of band names since you can't say the same one twice. Wait till one of the girls cant remember a band name then say, "Lets just play truth or dare". They will happily agree if your dares and truths were exciting and getting them horny.

My wing and I played this thursday night with 3 girls and 4 guys. At the beginning of the night the girls actually asked me if they could stay over so they didn't have to drive home drunk! After much a serious truth or dare session with tons of sexual acts, I dared my wing to go in a room for 5 min with one of the chicks and see what happens. They never came out. It was getting late and I had to work the next morning. I tossed the other two girls some blankets and said, "You two can sleep in my bed if you want, but dont be thinking we're gonna hook up and shit cause I really gotta get some sleep." 10 minutes later one of the girls cruises into my room, jumps in bed with me and starts kissing me. She was about an 8 but it was 3:30 so I told her I had to sleep and to leave her number and we would continue this the next night. In the meantime my brother has gotten the 3rd chick into his room and my other friend is spanking hank in my bathroom.

I've never played this game before without all the girls willing to bang at the end, whether they have boyfriends or not. I got the idea a year ago when I was asking a girl if she had ever had a lesbian experience. She told me that the only time she ever did was in a crazy game of truth or dare when she got dared to eat some girl out for 5 min. Neither of these girls were bi before it happened. This just goes to show that the possibilities are endless!!!"

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