Twenty Six on Phone Game

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!! A rare and gracious post by the great and mighty twenty-six has landed on mASF! I'm speechless! I think Tenmagnet best summed things up in his reply:

Tenmagnet writes:

The two-fucking-six graces ASF with another money post. Do you fuckers understand how valuable the two-six'es time is? He can be fucking his lady friends now, but instead he helps YOU with your phone game. The two-six is gracious and kind.

My sentiments exactly. The post is filled with some genuine, funny tips about what 2-6 does with his phone game now that seem to be field tested and proven. Of course, that doesn't stop MINE'99 from rearing his head and FLAMING him, with the help of a 14 year old, no less. Yet again, Tenmagnet sums it up best by saying:

Tenmagnet writes:

OMG - Is MINE'99 taking sarging advice from a 14 year old? This is funny.

Show Gabe the "Shining example of genetic perfection" opener. I bet he'll shit himself.

**Post was edited by me.

Now, why such an incredible and talented guru such as MINE'99 would take the time to flame such a great guy like 2-6 along with his 14 year old nephew, I'll never know. Couldn't he just say "I disagree with your method. Here is what I think you're doing wrong and why..."? But instead he has to take potshots at the guy, most likely because he's in the dreaded "Tyler Durden" camp. Jesus. Can't anyone be civil anymore? And he wonders why people don't like him.

Anyway, you can read the good stuff by twenty-six here. Just ignore the cries for attention from the other posters.

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Gunwitch reposted his all time fav. Valentine's Day post, for all those poor lonely ASFers to study during the most unholy holliday known to man.

Gunwitch writes:

Had to repost this. Gotten laid plenty with it so take fuckin heed, forget today feb 14th, think tommorow feb 15th instead.


Exploitation of this holiday should be any PUAs NUMBER ONE CONCERN. Not buying gifts or not buying gifts etc.

You go down to fred myer or wal mart (department store) the next week or so, someplace where you can set up near valentines day wares, gifts, candies etc. Approach women near there so the merchandise will remind them of their lonely state. They arent in an LTR they will be in a HURRY to get in one. Regardless of a few "rules girls" etc, most women know the way to start an LTR off the right way and get a gift or a bubble bath or whatever the fuck by next week is to BANG YOUR COCK OFF ASAP.

Feb 15th, rebound day, same principle applies, only these are the ones who got ditched or ignored or were just too stuck up and dumb to take what opportunities they had, whatever, they had a BAD valentines day, this though is rebound day, as they are rethinking their stupid ASD and "white knight" fantasy you show up and talk to her.

By the way this isnt just field tested by ME, this is field tested by AFCme years back with no game and being overweight most years, still talking fucked a new chick for maybe a handful of approaches. I mean some of em of course got all babied and such or have a steady boyfriend and all, most though, even the most jaded loosen up around this time.

Oh by the way, in case you are a dumb ass, dont do cocky and funny or extreme sexual state shit on rebound day, as if she has the lowered self esteem you are looking for from a bad valentines day these things will freeze her up hardcore, as she is thinking "relationships warms and fuzzies". "make the ho say no"

Genius! Genius! I suggest all of you who live in the double-wides use this immediately!

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