Turning a One Night Stand into a Fuck Buddy

Ocassionally, there is good stuff posted OUTSIDE the hallowed ground of mASF. I found this interesting little post on a blog I like to read called "Orgy," which is linked in the Blogroll to the right of my site. Anyway, a poster by the name of SmokingGun put up an interesting little article about the etiquette of a ONS (One Night Stand), and how to transition that to a FB (Fuck Buddy).

SmokingGun writes:

If you're prepared for the possible emotional repurcussions, though, there are ways to increase the chances of a one time coupling becoming "booty call" material. It's not a sure thing, but it is possible. if you do it right. The first thing, and this should be etched into your mind in stone, is make her come. Repeatedly, if possible. Personally, I try to get at least one orgasm out of the way before the initial penetration, since there are girls that just don't get off from actual fucking. If you make her pleasure your first priority, you'll score major points. Too many guys are only worried about getting off, and that puts them in the "mistake" column.

Anyway, it goes on from there. You can read the whole thing on the Orgy blog here.

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