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Tingly from the PLAY and "Seduction, the Art of" lists has hit mASF with his Method, entitled

"Universal Boomerang. I know feelings are mixed about this guy and his skill level, as he is yet another self-proclaimed guru who feels the need to create his own method and often fluxuates between beligerent ego-maniacal flamer and selfless teacher, but regardless, someone may get something from his style of pick-up.

So without further ado, here is the Tingly Method.

Tingly writes:

My method is comparable to that of TD, Mystery, Swingcat etc. INTRO

What Mystery Calls:




I call:




Between these 3 phases I basically have 5 steps or levels of women's interest, along with what must be done on each level to bump her up to the next. No matter how much interest a woman shows me, when I meet her I automatically have it in my mind that a woman's interest in me starts on LEVEL 1...NO INTEREST. The object is to get her interest to LEVEL 5. Once there, I can sex her. (Think of a thermometer when you look at this for it's an upside down scale) It would looks something like this:


4. Comfortable. (Complete comfy that is) => Once she's comfy enough to talk about ANYTHING including SEX...make the smooth transition to sex talk to AROUSE her.

3. Neutral. (True 50/50 Chance) => Get her to spill her guts about her life to make her feel completely COMFORTABLE talking about anything...including sex.

2. Interested. => Plant suggestion. Qualify. Close her to NEUTRALIZE HER.

1. Not interested. => Open her to get her INTERESTED.

LEVELS 1-2 are the Interest/Attraction Phase. LEVELS 2-4 are the Trust/Comfort Building Phase. LEVELS 4-5 are the Arousal/Seduction Phase.


You must know Who, what, when, where, why and how to say what you want and need to say to woman at all times. Your "ARSENAL" of convo is what keeps things interesting and keeps the convo going. It consists of:

C & F (Cocky Funny material) (DYD-Double Your Dating), Negs, Witty Comebacks, Stories of Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV), Jokes, Analogies, and Neutral Opinion Openers, Flirtatious undertones etc.

Trying to pull women WITHOUT this is like diving off of the Empire State Building without a parachute and hoping that you live through it when you hit the ground...ain't gonna happen.


This is the actual name that I've given my system. UNIVERSAL- Means two things:

1. We've ALL been flaked by women before.

2. We've ALL been in the FRIEND ZONE before.

BOOMERANG- Means two things:

1. Taking a negative and turning it into a positive. In other words, you WANT to get into the FZ under YOUR TERMS, not hers. By coming at her neutral/like a potential "friend" this makes her lower her "shields" and allows you to "slip under the radar" as opposed to avoiding female friendship.

2. Doing the OPPOSITE of what a woman expects you to do. (i.e. SUPPLICATE and SPEND MONEY, CHASE, PUT UP WITH HER FLAKINESS etc.)


"All women are easy, you just have to know what buttons to push," is what every woman I've ever met told me in regards to women's sexuality at one time. And it's true. Reflecting back on this statement, I had an epiphany that hit me like a ton of bricks.

Those two buttons are:

1. EXCITEMENT. (General-i.e. Making her laugh, AND Sexual. ESPECIALLY "sexual.")

2. A CHALLENGE. (Don't answer questions directly and thus become an open book. Think of how hard you have to work JUST to get a woman's AGE. Do the same to THEM. "BOOMERANG" it.)

Once you get into the FZ on YOUR TERMS, the ONLY thing that separates a SEX FRIEND from a PLATONIC FRIEND is SEXUAL EXCITEMENT and A CHALLENGE...with an EMPHASIS on SEXUAL EXCITEMENT.

1. PLANTONIC FRIEND: Friendship + No Sexual Excitement + No Challenge = Platonic Friend/"girlfriend". (BORING)

2. BOYFRIEND: Friendship + Little to No sexual Excitement + A Challenge = Boyfriend. (PRETTY COOL.)

3. SEX FRIEND: Friendship + Sexual Excitement + A Challenge = Sex Friend. (EXCITING)

Put the elements of sexual EXCITEMENT and A CHALLENGE into a "nice guy" and what do you have? Right. A "Bad Boy."

Take the elements of sexual EXCITEMENT and A CHALLENGE "OUT" of a "bad boy" and what do you have? Right. A Nice Guy.


You have three goals/closes when dealing with a woman.

4. *Boomerang Close- Get her so interested/attracted to you that if you don't close HER, she will close YOU.

That's it.

To accomplish EACH goal you MUST do the following:

1. Increase her interest to a level adequate enough to make her show IOI's for that particular goal so that you can close her.

(i.e. She's giving hints that she wants to stay in contact or she's giving hints that she'd like to have sex based on how she flirts with you.)

2. Plant a favorable suggestion.

(She's throwing hints that she'd like to stay in contact, so you say, "I think it'd would be great if we picked this conversation up another time, don't you?" As a result she gives you the number. The REAL number.)

3. Qualify her a couple times to eliminate flakiness.

Don't just take the number. Say something like, "Don't give me your number if you know you won't be there to pick up the phone." Or "If you won't be happy to hear from me, then don't give me your number."

(Once she's qualified herself a couple times, she'll feel as though she's earned the privilege to get you to call her. She'll almost beg you to take it. Flakiness will be DRAMATICALLY reduced at this point.)

The above looks complicated, but it ain't. Read it a couple times and you'll get my meaning. I don't like SS etc because it's to long, structured and drawn out. Takes you damn near a month just to trick yourself into believing women want you and you STILL don't know how to pull women. One website just to tell you how to get laid. It ain't that serious.

Whether you're big, ugly, white, black, latino, tall...etc...everybody can do this simply because it focuses on engaging a woman's emotions with what you SAY... and you don't have to be "pretty" to be an exciting talker. All I want to do is get a woman to engage me in convo. That's it. She's does that, I don't care if she's married, single...etc...her booty belongs to ME...well, at least for the night... LOL. The above is really basic common sense when you take the time to...

THINK ABOUT IT. You can read the whole thread here.

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