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**Reposted from the first Lair, original date: 1/22/04

The recent Ross vs. Tyler battle on mASF has brought up a big controversy that has been brewing in the more elite circles lately. This is basically the issue of ACCOUNTABILITY, or who is responsible for the creation of material. This wasn't such a big deal when everyone was just a bunch of horny losers looking to get laid who'd freely exchange ideas and theories on the topic. But once money came into the picture, it really changed the landscape of the PUA community.

In the beginning, you had Ross and SS. That was pretty much it. Then David D came along, then Mystery with his workshops, then TD, then Swinggcat, now Harmless... the list goes on. And because these are all guys who got their feet wet in the community and developed their own stuff based on the feedback and tactics of others, they are looked at very differently than an outsider who publishes a book or audio course on seduction or dating. Indeed, the paranoia has set in pretty deeply, with fingers pointing and accusations flying over TD stealing other people's stuff and teaching it as his own, with Ross claiming Swinggcat ''stole'' Push-Pull from him, with the DYD camp buckling down tighter than the Skywalker Ranch when making a Star Wars movie for fear stuff might leak out... the list goes on.

But the biggest problem comes from guys NOT making any money off this stuff. There's been more than a few grumbles from PUAs worldwide over their material getting repackaged and sold by the commercial guys, so now they're throwing a fit about giving credit where it's due or just simply not sharing their material anymore, therefore stifling the flow of information.

But when it comes down to it, the whole situation is pretty laughable. People throwing fits and being paranoid about the commercial guys. It reminds me of the US/Japan automobile rivalry in the 80s. That whole ''Buy American'' bullshit that circulated around the country, even though American cars were crap. The same thing is going on when Ross says TD is taking other people's stuff and making slight modifications and observations. Who cares? In the end, the Japanese made better cars because of it. They didn't INVENT the cars, but they IMPROVED upon them.

Did America make the Japanese give them credit for inventing the car? No. No one cares. I look at it like this: If you don't care about making money off this stuff, then why worry about people stealing your shit? Why worry about recognition? So you can be venerated as a guru by a bunch of lonely guys hoping to get laid? What kind of celebrity is that? If you do want to make money on this stuff, then make your own products so people HAVE to give you credit for using it. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

Seriously, this whole ''Give credit where credit is due, site your sources'' shit is stupid. It's like a comedian trying to copyright a joke. It's like people that author's steal great lines or situations from to write about in their books wanting to be paid for giving them that one little bit of inspiration when the author is the one who did all the work of writing a book. Who cares? In the long run, unless this shit is your lifeblood, like it is for Ross or TD, what do you care if people are teaching it and even making a few bucks? We're all just guys trying to get laid, right?

In the end, I think it comes down to ego. After all, there's nothing new under the sun. Everything this community ''comes up with'' has already been thought of or existed long before we stumbled onto it. The fact is, most of the best stuff out there comes from WOMEN. If you get a great concept from a girl, are you gonna stop in the middle of a sarge and say ''I'm going intentionally undermine you, which I learned from my ex-girlfriend Mitsy.''? Of course not. That's gay.

But none the less, the bickering and pettiness continues. I just can't help but laugh at the comedy of it all. It reminds me so of the stupid office politics I get to partake in everyday. In the end, no one cares who came up with what...

They just want results.


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