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Wow, the GREAT and MIGHTY Syle (the most powerful of the Jedi) has graced the Advanced board of mASF with yet another $$$$$ post on something which stikes to THE VERY CORE of many of the "Poo-Ahhs" out there. Here's what he has to say:

Style writes:

Have you ever noticed that there's something strange about a lot of sargers?

It's as if you look at a guy, and you can just TELL that something is missing.

And some of these guys even do amazing in the field. They get great reactions most of the time, and sometimes even #s and !s. But, at the same time, they NEVER seem to have a girlfriend.

Most of the guys I know are like this. And there are a few reasons why: First, it goes back to one of my cardinal rules: The best way to sarge is to have something BETTER to do than to sarge. Some guys give up everything -- school, work, even GFs -- to learn to sarge better. But all these things ALLOW you to sarge better, because they make you a more COMPLETE person.

A problem I've noticed amongst some of the most dedicated posters here, especially those who got into ASF in their teens or early 20s,, is that they have INVENTED themselves through this theory. They are, to some degree, SOCIAL ROBOTS. And, after a great 20 minute set, it begins to show through to an HB that you don't have anything MORE going for you. The other problem with being a social robot is that you start to thing that everyone else around you is one too, and begin to read TOO MUCH into their actions.

Here's another thing Social Robots do: They treat Women completely differently than they treat Men. If they are around women, even at a lunch for work, they feel a stange shot of adrenaline and feel as if they have to sarge. Interactions with women are no longer normal; they become special occasions to feel a sense of self-worth. Your self-esteem is contantly at the mercy of the reactions of women.

Social robots also stop seeing value in things that are non-PU related, such as books and movies and even friends that they can't learn about PU from.

So, what I'm trying to say in short is that ASF and the PU lifestyle can give you SO much -- I know it's given me so much -- but it can take away a lot too. You can end up becoming just a one-dimensional person, a social robot.

The solution is to put your life back into balance; spend just an hour a day reading ASF/PU-related material; spend just three nights or afternoons a week sarging or hanging out with PUAs. Alternate PUA reading with good literature. Make it a HOBBY. And focus a greater share of your efforts on the job/ achievements/success you want in life. If you can make something of yourself, the HBs will come and what you've learned here will prepare you to deal with them.

There's a book on cold-reading that basically breaks down all problems to Health, Wealth and Relationships. And each have an Internal and External component. (This btw is the book where Mystery got his theory on this from.) And you need to start DIVIDING your attention between ALL of these to be successful in any single one.

A lot of guys always ask how I got good so quickly. And I think that in addition to all the awesome things (like Mystery's workshop) that changed my life, I was well-rounded and interested in people to start with. So when I ran out of routines, I could still be INTERESTING and INTERESTED. Those two words in caps right there are, I think, the special sauce that can prevent a lot of flaking that guys here seem to get.

And then later on Style chimes back in with this:

Oh, and here are some other things Social Robots do:

--They think that everything that a HB says to them that isn't 100 percent positive is a "shit test."

--They think that if an HB is busy on the one night they ask her out, then it's a personal insult and must be dealt with using "anti-flake" measures.

--They panic if they run out of "material" during a conversation with a woman.

--They see all other males who are interacting with women as AMOGs who must be destroyed.

--They cannot discuss a woman without asking first, "What's her rating?" I could go on. But you get the point...

(And, hey, I have no illusions: I've been guilty of being a social robot just like everyone else here.)

Hmmm. More than a few not-so-subtle pot-shots at some big guys in the community (and the community in general to boot). But does that make him any less right? Ideed, I have noticed this is a big problem with lots of guys as well. But the real question is: Are people like this because it is a result of studying this stuff, or does it just bring out who people are to begin with?

You can read the whole thread here.

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