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Okay, this is cool. SteviePUA has put up an MP3 of him doing some routines. It is a new example of the Vampire Girls Dream routine, followed by some cocky and playful busting on the chicks. Apparently this was a 3 set of 2 chicks and one guy. Great stuff.

You can download it here.

You can also find a good MP3 of Stevie doing palm reading here. This is the rundown on this audio:

SteviePUA writes:

I was working on a 3 set of 2 chicks and 1 guy. I'd started by doing a mind-reading effect and then I went into palm-reading. There is a lot of extremely vague hypnotic language here. I really am saying little of substance, but it is all so completely vague that she can find her own meaning to it and apply it to herself. I bring in themes of this being a special experience, acting on her passion, and going for something even though it might not make sense (like my language - get it?). I also bring the BF into the interaction to reduce him feeling alienated and cockblocking.

It's one thing to read about this stuff, but to listen to a fied-tested guy do it is something quite different (ie: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THIS STUFF WORKS!!!) etc. =)

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