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**Reposted from the first Lair, original date: 1/10/04

Well, it seems like this little blog is getting quite a bit of exposure. Not only has it garnered the attention of Ross Jeffries, Double Your Dating, and Mystery, but also the mainstream press.

Let me ask you guys this... if you were contacted by a reporter from Rolling Stone Magazine who wanted to interview you for an article on seduction, what would you do? I'm not sure what I'd do, because I tend not to trust reporters. But at the same time, its a bit exciting to think that you're important enough to be written about, particuarly in the same publication which launched some of the biggest carreers in the music business. Such is the power of pop-culture, I suppose.

Its situations like this that make me think about why I started the blog in the first place. I don't really care to get famous or reknown for it. I'm not interested in being an ASF "guru." In all honestly, there are many many guys out there who are better with women and get laid with more regularity than I do. And I know for a fact that you'll be hearing about these guys in the mainstream media fairly soon. So I keep needing to ask myself what I'm going to do when this opportunity is presented to me. I mean, its cool to help out other guys and get lots of e-mails every day asking for advice and stuff, but I can't help but feel like what I'm doing is being misconstrued a bit.

I'm putting up my thoughts and experiences publically because it helps keep me focused, and because I'm hoping what I go through will help someone else overcome a similar problem. So would I agree to a Rolling Stone interview? What would I talk about other than what I think about other people in the community? About my many failures with women? About restructuring my lifestyle and recent breakthroughs? About the last time I got laid and why its so infrequent for me? All that is pretty stupid stuff, especially for a magazine like Rolling Stone. I can't really come up with anything that would be worth being interviewed by such a major publication.

Then again, it's fun to think about. What do you guys think? Thundercat

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