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ASD Tips and Tricks

Harmless from Dating ReEnhanced writes:

When I'm dealing with a party girl in a club, where I've gamed her and VERY quickly raised her buying temp, (I'm talking minutes) I do something like this to prevent flakes IF I can't pull:

Me: ''Look, I'm leaving, but give me your number so we can hook up this weekend (or whatever meet we've planned, preferably)... But listen, I don't like flakey girls, so if you don't want to hook up, then...''

She gives me the number, promises me she wants to see me again. Great. So what? I've been doing this for months.

But THIS is the part I wasn't doing before. This is what makes it work so well:

Me: ''You know what, I don't know about you. You look like a bad girl. In fact, I think you're FULL OF SHIT. I'm DELETING YOUR NUMBER right now...''

She'll BEG me not to, BEG me to call her, PROMISE me she'll come over, etc.


Ah, the willingness to walk away. Very powerful young grasshopper. You can read the whole thread here.


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A Moment of Zen

Wrap your brain around this one:

If you treat a woman with respect, she feels cheap because she feels pressure to do something to advance the relationship. If you treat her like an inanimate object in your reality, she feels special because you're making all the effort and she doesn't have to do squat.


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What Women Do To Us

There was a fairly decent thread on mASF today entitled ''Stuff I Understand Now That Women Do It To Me,'' started by Dimitri. You can read it here. It's nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering, but Neo-Rio had a great little responce to it. Paraphrased, he basically says:

Seduction (acting a certain way to get people to like you) is primarily a FEMALE thing that women do to MEN who have power.

MEN on the other hand, HAVE NO NEED to be nice or pad their words out carefully making sure not to offend anyone. We don't need to pay any attention to women in order to get them to like us. Women feel as if they HAVE TO lie and act a certain way to gain power over men. REAL MEN have no need to lie or act a certain way to women. We can just be ourselves, and let women do all the fancy bullshit. Meanwhile, we can just go after what we want. (and if that means we'd rather eat than talk so be it)

I think Neo nails this one right on the head here, and he does it in such a short, sweet, and straightforward (invented by Ross in LA 99) way. I think this is really the true attitude of a

seducer, one in which he is detached from all outcome, and in fact forces the girl to qualify herself to him in an effort to get rapport. I know this is an incredibly powerful technique, because I've hung out with the master of this whole frame -- Adam the Natural. Truely a guy who has NO NEED to be nice or pad words out. This guy's whole philosophy is thus: It doesn't really matter. And because of that, he is able to get women like no other.

I think a lot of guys make the mistake of approaching a woman as though she is the prize to be won over. When you do this, you are effectively giving away any power you have in that interaction, because she has the power to either approve or invalidate you as a potential sex partner. But when you approach a woman really NOT CARING about the outcome, a funny thing happens -- in a very subtle way, you put the woman on the defensive, making her have to PROVE herself to you and get your validation because your attitude is such that you STEAL any power of approval from her.

I've seen Adam do this a few times, and it is really incredible. This is basically the attitude of being the ''asshole women love,'' or the ''No-game game'' as Maddash would put it. Before long, the woman finds herself chasing the man who truely doesn't care, which only makes her chase him harder. One thing about Adam is that he does this Naturally, and because of that he can take it too far. If he was aware of what he was doing, he'd be able to calibrate where the girl is and feed her little bits of validation to keep her chasing him. But after a while, the girl just gets so frustrated with the whole process of having to prove herself that she'll move on. Of course, to Adam, it just DOESN'T MATTER. There's always another girl out there. Thus is the power of this frame. And I think Neo-Rio really nailed it.


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