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An incredibly talented Pick-Up Artist who goes by the name Bro Ninja PooAh wrote up a reply to a guy talking about AMOGS and getting in fights on the SDPLAY list. I thought he had some really interesting advice on how to deal with things like that. I'm reposting this here with his permission.

Bro Ninja PooAh writes:

Listen... If you're a regular at a club and your not friends with the bouncers, that's mistake number 1. Whether people pick on you or not, knowing the bouncers will get you past the line, enable you to get girls in who are waiting outside, and give you massive social proof. Plus, they will watch your back.

I was at a club a few weeks ago, and these GIRLS started talking shit to me. (They told me I pushed them, I said it wasn't me, they said it was, I said, "fuck off", they said it back, blah blah blah). I turned my back on them, and when I did the head doorman (who had seen the whole thing) came up to me and asked if I wanted them thrown out. I let them stay, but it was nice to have the choice.

Also if you're friends with the staff you get one "free" fight at the club every few months. I was at another club a couple months ago, and some guy was talking shit to me over some girl. We all got thrown out. One the way out, the bouncers apologized to me (it was standard procedure) and invited me to their VIP Xmas Party. I ended up fighting the guy in the street, and the bouncers broke it up. They apologized to me for having to deal with that shit, and told him never to come back again.

So make some friends and improve your nightlife!

Good stuff. I think it is important to get to know the people who work at the places you frequent. It can help tremendously with your social proof, and also get you quite a few perks to boot, as BNP talked about in his post.

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