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Formhandle put up an interesting post concerning the usefulness of attraction in a sarge. You can read the thread here, but the jist of it is that Formie doesn't think attraction is necessary to get a girl into bed (at least, not on the girl's part, anyway). He breaks it down like this...

Formhandle writes:








Step 7 seems unnecessary, even, unless more is wanted in the future out of the interaction.

I think Formhandle brings up some good points here, but I think he misses the boat a bit. I've had many discussions with Swinggcat about this very subject, and I agree with Formhandle that you do not need complete attraction with a girl to get her to want to lay you. However, I think the crux of the problem with Form's theory is his definition of attraction. Basically, I have no idea what he is talking about when he says the word ''attraction.''

To me, attraction is an intense need for validation. If a girl really needs your validation, she's attracted to you because she will do a number of things to get that validation. And that intense need for validation is created through the use of sexual tension, where you can invalidate the girl as a sexual object and make her strive to get that back. Neo-Rio said it best when he stated If you treat a woman with respect, she feels cheap because she feels pressure to do something to advance the relationship. If you treat her like an inanimate object in your reality, she feels special because you're making all the effort and she doesn't have to do squat.

Swinggcat has this concept called ''Sexual Barriers,'' which is what Formhandle is indirectly referring to with the theories in his post. Basically, sexual barriers are obstacles a woman puts up to keep others from finding out how to have sex with her. The example Swingg uses all the time is being with a girl who'd fuck anyone at the drop of a hat, but refuses to kiss because it's ''Too Intimate.'' Usually, most guys will try to kiss the girl and then move into sex, but with this girl, Kissing is a sexual barrier -- so when she rejects a kiss from a guy, the guy may think ''Oh, she's not into me. I can't have sex with her.'' When in reality, he could simply bypass this sexual barrier and go for the lay through another method, such as intense kino, body sensations, etc.

Most people would just pound against these barriers hoping they'd be able to break them down. What I think Swinggcat and Formhandle are saying is that there are OTHER ways to get a girl to sleep with you rather than through conventional method. Sex is such a large part of many women's lives, that I think it's not unrealistic to bypass most social graces and go for what you want. It's something I'm experimenting with in my game at the moment, and I think it brings up a very valid point, which is most guys don't understand what attraction is or what it means to women.

Something to think about, eh?


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