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In November of 2003, Swinggcat surprised the seduction community with the release of his book "Real World Seduction." Famous in the Seduction community, respected by some of the best pick-up artists world wide, but relatively unknown to the general populous, Swinggcat quickly joined the ranks of gurus such as David DeAngelo with the amazing debut of his eBook which took a new look at the way Seduction and Attraction can be accomplished.

But even with the massive popularity of his book, he's been elusive. Drawing away from posting on mASF, Cliff's List, and even Mystery's Lounge, Swinggcat has become an enigmatic figure in the seduction community, preferring to let his work speak for itself.

Now, in this exclusive interview, Swinggcat breaks his silence and talks about his background, his development, his theories on seduction and attraction, and what he's planning for the future.

This interview will be spread into 5 parts throughout the course of the week. It should be noted that this is a transcribed text of my conversation, and has been edited by me to make it read better.


Thundercat: So how did you start developing your own method?

Swinggcat: So, this is an interesting story, let me back up a bit. Before I moved back down to LA, I was still living in my college town, wasn't going to school up there, but like a lot of kids, wanted to pretend I was in college for a longer time than I really was. I met a guy who in this community goes by the name "Primoman." Primoman played a kind-of very pivotal role in my breakout into a whole new system of seduction. I met Primoman in the summer of 2001, through the EBSS Seduction Lair.

And Primoman was the guy who originally told me that there was a guy named Mystery who was great, there was a guy named David DeAngelo who was phenomenal -- although he wasn't called David DeAngelo back then, he was called. I think it was "Hypnotize" spelled backwards.

Thundercat: Sisonpyh

Swinggcat: Sisonpyh. Yes, exactly. Anyways, he told me about this guy, and about all these different guys, and everyone else in the EBSS thought this guy was full of shit. But I told

Primoman "You know what? I'll try out your method. I'll try out all this new stuff." So we went to a bar, and I started doing my hypnotic seduction stuff. And Primoman looked at me and he's like (in a high pitched voice) "Swinggcat, you got to bust their balls. And you don't want to talk about any of the deep stuff. You gotta be superficial, don't be intellectual. Girls don't like that in a bar, Mmm-hmmmm."

Thundercat: (Laughs)

Swinggcat: And I was thinking "What was this guy up to?" But I decided I'll give this clown a shot. He wanted to try out this routine called the "Mr. Smooth." So there's this chick, I think she was a law student, and I did some hypnotic seduction on her and had her in a nice little trance. Then Primoman goes up to her and does this "Mr. Smooth" routine, and he basically says to her like (holding his hand out like a microphone in the high-pitched Primoman voice) "Hey, what is it like to be on my game show? Mmm-hmmmm."

She looks at him like he's dog shit, and then he says to her. and I guess he got this from a guy named Grand Master -- Grand Master's ball-busting tactic. He looks at the girl, looks her up and down, and in his dolt-esque way, takes a deep breath and says "Mmmmm!" Suddenly grabs her boobies, big bear-paw grab with both hands, and says "You're an intelligent woman," squeezing her boobs as he's bobbing up and down, with his big, dumb, deer eyes, sucking in his lips, "Mmm-hmmmm."

She completely turns white, like Casper the Ghost. Oh, but he doesn't stop there. He grabs his. I don't even want to say it. genitals, and says "I'm an intelligent man." At this point she goes to turn away from him, and he gets her leg and says "And we should have an intelligent conversation!" as he's thrusting her back and forth, humping her like a horny Chiwawa. And she proceeds to slap him and get the two very large men she's with to beat him up.

And it's interesting, because in bars I think most guys, they kind-of want to dominate, or outalpha other guys, but they don't really want to fight. So these guys, they come up and they try to intimidate him, and he just antagonizes the guys more. Well, I had to work stuff out to avoid a fight. And on our way out, he's like "I really think we made progress with the Mr. Smooth stuff. Mmm-hmmmm. This is so much more effective than anything else. YAH!"

So, basically, I thought all the stuff that he was talking about was garbage, but I went out with him several times, had to defend him in a couple fights, but I noticed even though I had better pick ups or what have you, there was something slightly different about what he was doing. For whatever reason, the girls he approached were trying to get rapport with him. They were chasing him, and I couldn't quite figure out why that was.

But then I was reading through some posts one day, and there was a guy on there named Zvi. And he posted a bunch of stuff very similar to what Primo was doing. I read it, and I was like "Hmmm. There's really something to what he's doing." He wasn't trying to get rapport with girls, in fact, he would miss-match them. He would actually break rapport with them on purpose and he would mercilessly tease girls, and he wouldn't pattern them. In fact, sometimes he wouldn't even talk that much. He'd kind-of make the girl talk. And he wouldn't ask her questions. The girl ended up kind-of qualifying herself, and there was something to these posts. And, you know, about a day after that, certain people on the list end up flaming Zvi, saying that he's full of shit, and all this stuff, and everything that he was doing comes from a guy named "Hypnotize backwards."

Thundercat: Sisonpyh.

Swinggcat: We'll just call him Sisonpyh. And the flamers went on to say that Sisonpyh got all this stuff from a guy named "Rick H." And that it's good for a certain sort of girl, but this just won't work on women. Well, like I've always been since I was a little kid, when someone tells me "Don't do something," I want to do it. I want to find out more about it.

So I got introduced to this thing called Cliff's List, and I noticed this Sisonpyh guy had been posting all of this stuff on there. It wasn't "trying to get rapport with them," it wasn't "eliciting values," it wasn't "asking questions," and I experimented with it and got results tantamount to Primoman's. You know, got some drinks in my face, you know, didn't get beat up, but pretty close a couple times.

And then one day I was trying some of his tactics out on this 325 lbs. black woman, and it's like the more I teased her, the more I ignored her. the more she would try and touch me. And I realized there was something I was doing there. I wasn't getting rapport with her, I wasn't trying -- in fact, I was doing the opposite. By not attracting her, she kind-of became attracted. And at that point I realized there was something fundamentally wrong about the underlying meaning of the interaction that I was setting with women.

So anyways, fast forward, I moved down to LA, and in the back of my mind I knew about this ball-busting stuff. Around this time, that Mystery guy that Primoman told me about started giving these workshops. He gave a workshop in Los Angeles, and I had thought about the idea of maybe taking the workshop, but I didn't. After that, there was a guy by the name of "Chris

Powles," who later became Style, wrote a rave review about the seminar. I wanted to see what the big hoop-la was, so I e-mailed him. We hooked up and we went out to a party, and after that we went to some bar, and Chris Powles' whole spiel was he'd do these magic tricks. And I wasn't very impressed, this guy wasn't very good, um, later on of course he became great, but he was the one who introduced me to Mystery.

About a month after that, he introduced me to a guy named Sindrome, aka Sin. Sin was this little, pale, goth kid who looked like Eddy Munster on LSD. He had a real high-pitched, nasal voice. And my first introduction to him was, I went to go meet Chris Powels, Style, at this party, and I walk in, and this little kid, Sindrome, has all these people sitting around him listening to his stories, courting all this attention. And I realize "This is a powerful guy. This is a guy with a STRONG reality. This is a guy that I want to get to know."

So we hung out, and although I wasn't impressed with his seduction skills, I was impressed with how well he could court attention. I was also impressed with how he could easily talk to tons of chicks and get great reactions. And I realized that he was doing something that I hadn't learned before. I started picking up on that there was something terribly wrong with what I was doing. I was considered one of the best at seducing women, and when it came to walk-ups, you know, I had great seductions that would go well, but half the time it wouldn't go well.

This guy was doing something different. He didn't use NLP, but he still was triggering attraction within women, and he wasn't doing it by seducing either. He was doing something else. He had a strong reality, and he was somehow sucking people into that reality. Once I realized what he was doing, once I broke it down and analyzed it. it changed the way I approached my interactions with people. From then on, you know, I was a changed man. I learned a new way of approaching women and how to suck them into my reality. very different than what I was doing before, you know.

This was the embarking upon of my journey to amazing success, far beyond the days of just getting number closes and just getting kiss closes. This planted the seed for the method I developed that lets me live the lifestyle I live today. this kind-of pleasure filled Caligula-like lifestyle... I mean, I used to be the one who could molest girls within five minutes of meeting them, you know? But now I have tools where THEY are trying to molest me, and that is so much more powerful. Because when you turn the tables like that, you nurture an interaction where the girl doesn't have second thoughts and doesn't get creeped out. In fact, they see it as their idea, and I'm the thing that needs to be pursued.

I know by going for the kiss and then pulling back I am making them reach for more. often times so much more that they are trying to make-out me, and this is maybe within the first ten to fifteen minutes of the interaction. And this isn't about hypnotizing girls, it's so fucking different. it's like once you get it, it can't get any easier. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to creating the type of reality where it's normal for the girls to do this. And that's something I've been thinking about lately, and that is "What is reality anyways?" And I think reality comes down to 3 things.

In the next part of the interview, Swinggcat talks about his definition of reality, the three things that encompass it, and other theories that are the basis for his system of seduction. You can find out more about Swinggcat, and buy his book Real World Seduction, at his website

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