Prizing the art of coquetting

You guys have now learned the ins and outs of making women see you as the PRIZE. Knowing how to do this will give you a huge advantage over other men.

But everything we have done so far has only set the groundwork for PRIZING: the art of getting a woman so emotionally charged that she is compelled to court, pursue, and chase you. PRIZING is where the fun really begins because this is where you begin to hook them on an emotional leveI.

But why do we need to hook them on an emotional level? I think that a big part of the reason is that people's--and especially women's--actions, decisions and behaviours are largely determined not by logic but emotions. Think back to the last time you really fell hard for a girl. Did you make a rational decision to chase her or did you feel emotionally compelled to chase her? It was the latter. Maybe this is why people ranging from salesmen to politicians almost always appeal not to reason but emotion.

Some of the powerful tools l am going to give you to amp up women's emotions in a way that makes them compelled to chase you are open loops, Pushing & Pulling, and Qualifying & Challenging.

Okay, let's get started.

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