I am using the word "rapport" Ioosely here to encompass understanding, comfort and connection. Also, rapport is a subset of PRIZABILITY. However, getting rapport is usually only beneficial with women that you already have some PRIZABILITY with. In fact, I find that men whom try to get rapport with women they have no PRIZABILITY with, often times end up inadvertently setting the frame that they are needy, desperate, and in general, trying too hard.

This implicates the meta-frame that the woman is the PRIZE, and that the man is trying to win her over. Contrary to this, I find that women will often times try to get rapport with men they see as having PRIZABILITY. Furthermore, doing things, which force a woman to get rapport with you, builds a lot of PRIZABILITY in her eyes. The reason for this is that her trying to get rapport with you implies the frame that she is at the very least interested in connecting with you, and that you have at least some PRIZABILITY in her eyes. Furthermore, this frame implicates--or at least partially implicates—the meta-frame 'you are the PRIZE and she is trying to win you over'.

So make sure you already have some PRIZABILITY before trying to get rapport with a woman. Even better, if you are really skilled, nix trying to get rapport with her, and do things to force her to get rapport with you (albeit, this is not to say that once she has made a valiant effort to get rapport with you, you should not get rapport with her. What l am saying is, unless you have a lot PRIZABILITY, it is best to do things that force her to get rapport with you first).

Let's look at some examples of getting rapport or forcing them to get rapport with us.


When you can find things that you and a woman have in common--such as likes, dislikes, experiences and personality traits—it builds instant rapport.

Shared experiences:

One great way of doing this is discovering experiences, which you both have had. However, instead of pummelling a woman with a bunch of questions and then pretending to have the same experiences, talk about your experiences and life in an interesting, intriguing, value ridden way. For example, when l tell a woman one of my pet stories they will often times respond by telling me a story about their pets. This is her trying to relate her own experiences to mine. Put in other words, she is trying to get rapport with me. As l have already said, the more effort they put out trying to get rapport or relate to you, the stronger the meta-frame is being set that you are the PRIZE.

Generating commonalities through cold reading:

One of my favorite ways to generate several commonalities between a woman and l within the first few minutes of meeting her is through using cold reading.

Let's look at an example. I might say to a woman, "I can tell that you are an observer because your arms are crossed and you are leaning back. I would even go so far to say you are eaves dropper". If she agrees with you, continue with, "And l know this because l am the same way". Then l might--if we are at a bar for example-analyze with her the social dynamic of some man trying to pick up on some woman. But it doesn't really matter: I have established a commonality between her and I, and have thus, gotten rapport--or at least started to get rapport.

Making her relate to what you want:

One thing that l have already touched on is that once a girl sees you as having PRIZABILITY, she will often try to get rapport with you. One thing that l Iike to do is let the girl know exactly what l like in life, relationships, and other people in generaI. I Iet her know my standards, expectations and rules l have with the people in my life.

One thing l have noticed is that women will often times try and relate to what l want. So, for example, if l tell a reserved girl that l like people who are adventurous, she will often times proceed to tell me either how adventurous she is or proceed to tell me that she likes people who are adventurous as well (we will talk more about this when we get to the chapter on Qualifying & Challenging).

Now this tactic works best when you already have a good amount of PRIZABILITY with the girl.

You knowing better than she knows herself:

Another great way to get rapport is to demonstrate that you know her better than she knows herself. This is about showing that you understand her. But some of you might not be thinking about what l am saying in the right way, so, Iet me clarify.

I am not talking about demonstrating that you are a good listener of what she verbally tells you. What l am talking about is being a good observer of what unconsciously motivates her. This is about breaking down 'who she is', and having her agree with your analysis, despite her never having thought about these things before. The best tool for doing this is cold reading.


"Rapport" the way l am using it is an all-encompassing term for comfort, connection, and understanding. It is a subset of PRIZABILITY, although you usually have to have some PRIZABILITY with a woman for it to be beneficial to get rapport with her. If you are skilled, do things that force her to try and get rapport with you before trying to get rapport with her. This builds PRIZABILITY in her eyes. Two ways of getting rapport with a woman are by finding commonalities between you and her, and by displaying that you know her better than she knows herself. Two great ways of getting her to try to get rapport with you first are making her relate to your experiences, and making her relate to what you want.


The next time you go out, instead of pummelling women with boring questions, such as, 'What's your name?', practice talking about some interesting things that have happened to you in an entertaining way. One thing you will notice is that women will start trying to relate their own experiences to yours--congratulations; you have forced her to get rapport with you. Also, practice generating commonalities between you and women by using cold reading. When you can tell that a woman is really buying a cold read, tell her (if it is true about you) that you are the same way. Mastering both these skills will lead to you getting the sort of rapport needed to sleep with hot women consistently.

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