A few words on style

I think being considered "good looking" is important and a part of PRIZABILITY.


Because, if a woman considers you good looking, you gain immediate PRIZABILITY: ability to make her see you as a PRIZE. The good news is that if you are not "good looking" there is something you can do about it.

The reason you can do something about it is that being "good looking" to most women has little to do with being conventionally good looking.Instead, it has more to do with finding a look that works for you (welI, and being well groomed, but we will get to that in a second). Women find many different types of guys attractive, yet the one thing most of these guys have in common is that they all have a look that works for them.

Let's take myself for example: I am a little on the short side, fairly well built, and look like l am of Middle Eastern or South American decent. This is not at all the archetype of what is conventionally considered good looking in my country (I am from the U.S.).

However, most women consider me to be an above average looking guy.


I have a look that works for me. Likewise, I have friends who are fat and bald, yet women find them attractive.


They have a look that works for them.


There is an online site called "Rate Yourself". On the site you can put a picture of yourself up and over the course of a week, women will rate your looks.

Now the interesting thing is this: after a couple of weeks, you will notice that certain styles get you higher ratings.

So, your homework is to go to the site (www.rateyourself.com), and put a picture of yourself up for a week. Then the next week, put up a picture of yourself with a completely different look, and so on. Whatever, "Iook" gets you the highest rating, is the "Iook" you want to have when meeting women.

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How To Date Any Girl

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