"I have the belief that I am better looking than I actually am. I know that I am not as good looking as some men, and better looking than others. But I know that I can walk into a room and walk out with another man's girlfriend" Sex, Money, and Kiss by Gene Simmons

Now that's an empowering belief. Having this belief alone, sets a great precedence for PRIZING women. I am going to give you a whole bunch of beliefs that are conducive for PRIZING women. Having these beliefs are absolutely essential for being able to PRIZE women.

Let's look at the reasons why beliefs are important.

Why Beliefs are important:

There are two main reasons.

One is that beliefs set the groundwork for setting strong frames (we will talk about frames and their importance in the next two chapters), which will enable you to PRIZE women.

The second is that what you believe becomes your reality. Or put in Robert Anton Wilson's words, "What the thinker thinks, the prover proves". What this means is that our mind is designed to focus its attention on finding real world evidence of our beliefs. The weird thing is, no matter how far fetched a belief is, the mind is always able to find evidence in the world to back it up.

Let me give you an example of how this works: I want you to become aware of all of the red things is your environment. Now close your eyes. How many red things can you remember? Good. Now keeping your eyes closed, I want you to remember all of things in your nvironment that were yellow. Hm...I bet you remembered more red things. Why? Your focus or direction of attention was on things that were red, not yellow.

The same thing holds true with beliefs. So, for example, when you have beliefs that you are the PRIZE--such as, 'women just want to use me for sex', or 'women just treat me like l am a big sausage with feet'--your mind begins to find evidence of this in the real world.

And the more evidence your mind finds of your beliefs, the stronger they become, and the stronger they become, the more convincing you will come off to women. Not a bad deaI.

Let's take a look at some important beliefs to have when PRIZING women (Some of these beliefs are my own, while others l have gotten form some of my friends who are naturals with women).

Important beliefs for PRIZING:

1. No matter how psychotic it seems, most men that l know, who are good with women, have the unwavering belief that they are the PRIZE. Furthermore, they are good at conveying this unwavering belief to women (we will talk about conveying this belief to women when we talk about frames and PRIZING).

2. They have the unwavering belief that women are wonderful creatures who both love sex and want to please. Having this belief will stop you from being bitter. Being bitter is a sure way to prevent you from being able to PRIZE women. Definitely a bad thing!

3. Many of my friends have the belief that they know a woman and her body better than she does. This belief will come in handy when we talk about PRIZING women.

4. No matter what the woman's reaction to you is there is always something beneficial to learn. This is actually one of my beliefs. I found that when l started viewing negative reactions l got from some women not as personal attacks on my character, but as opportunities to learn something useful, my ability to PRIZE women skyrocketed.

5. Whenever a woman tells you that she does not like something about you or that you are doing, it is her own issue, not yours (This applies to when you first meet women).

6. No matter what her current reaction to you (or her current situation) is, she still wants (or will sleep with) you. All you need to do is structure the right context to let it happen. This will come in handy when we talk about frames and reframes.

7. You do not need validation from her, yet she is trying to get validation from you. Having this belief is yet another aspect of believing and being the PRIZE-very powerful indeed.

8. Every woman on some level wants you. The question is: Do you want them? Do they live up to your standards and expectations? This will come in handy when we talk about frames, and Qualifying & Challenging. So, keep this belief in your back pocket.

9. Since she is courting you—trying to win you over—you get to DECIDE whether or not the both of you will sleep together. This is a big part of establishing the frame of her chasing you.


Beliefs are important in two ways. One is that they set the groundwork for setting strong frames (we will talk more about this in the next chapter). Two is that what you believe becomes your reality. What this means is that our mind is designed to focus its attention on finding real world evidence of our beliefs. Thus, a big part of having women see you as the PRIZE is about you believing that you are the PRIZE.


Guys, I have given you eight beliefs to start with--soon you will come up with some of your own. You should rehearse them out loud twice a day: for example, when you wake up in the mourning and right before you go to bed. Treat them as affirmations.

Remember: the more you rehearse these beliefs the more your mind will find evidence in the world of you being the PRIZE. And the more evidence you have of being the PRIZE, the stronger the beliefs of being the PRIZE will become.

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