Zip Lock

The performer jots down a series of 3-digit numbers on the backs of five business cards. A spectator confirms that the numbers are all different from one another. The spectator then mixes the cards, number side down and cuts the packet several times. While the performer's back is turned, the spectator places one of the five cards in his right hand jacket pocket and the remaining four cards in his left hand pocket. The performer shows a small, gold combination padlock and explains that the numbers he wrote on the backs of the cards are padlock combinations. Four of the numbers listed are bogus, and will not open the lock. Further, that through the use of psychic influence, he has caused the spectator to select the one combination out of five that will open the padlock.

To prove that he has, in fact, correctly influenced the volunteer's choice, the spectator is handed the small gold combination lock. The spectator is then instructed to remove any one of the four cards in his left hand jacket pocket. Using the combination listed on the card, the spectator is asked to attempt to open the lock. The lock fails to open. The performer has the spectator remove another card from his left hand pocket and to try the combination on that card. Again, the lock fails to open. This procedure could be repeated with the two remaining cards with the same result, but to save time, the spectator is now instructed to remove the freely selected card he originally placed in his right hand pocket. Using the number on this card, he attempts once more to open the lock. The lock opens.

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