Wordarama Larry Becker

A spectator is shown a large card on which ten words are boldly printed. The spectator is invited to merely think of any one of the ten words. Handing the spectator twenty-six cards, each with a different letter of the alphabet on them, the performer asks that while his back is turned, the spectator is to spell his mentally selected word, one letter at a time, dealing the cards face up in a pile on the table. (Make sure the spectator understands precisely what you want him to do). When the spectator has done so, have him turn the packet of cards letter side down on the table and to hide the rest of the alphabet cards. Have the spectator slide the packet into the "Get the Picture" envelope (obtain your peek). You can now reveal the spectator's mentally selected word in any manner that you wish.

Simple! The words are KNOB, HEAD, TUBE, KING, FISH, BANK, ZERO, TRAP, STAR and PUNT. Print them on the large card in two rows of five words. When you spot the letter in the window, simply glance at the chart and remember the word that ends in that letter. That's all there is to it. Why make it complicated?

Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

To do this successfully you need to build a clear path of action by using tools if necessary. These tools would be facts, evidence and stories which you know they can relate to. Plus you always want to have their best interests at heart, in other words, you know what is good for them

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