You can substitute an "Invisible" deck, available in almost any magic shop, for the written prediction. That's a deck of gimmicked cards consisting of twenty-six pairs of cards with "roughed" backs that cause them to cling together, but are easily separated. As soon as you have noted the identity of the top card of the marked deck, simply remove the gaffed "Invisible" deck from your pocket and spread the proper side until you've found the mate to the card you just noted. Split those two cards and the face-down card will match the one on top of the shuffled deck.

Leave the face-down card protruding from the end of the "Invisible" deck and follow the presentation as already outlined. Naturally, the protruding, single face-down card when turned face-up at the climax, will match the card that was apparently freely selected from the other deck.

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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