Ultra Keynetic

The performer displays a small chest which is secured with a heavy brass lock. Explaining that the locked chest contains a prize that could be worth up to one million dollars, the performer invites any spectator to try his or her luck in a simple little game of chance. The chest is placed on a table in full view.

The performer now displays a sheet of cardboard upon which there is a list of six colors, numbered 1 through 6. The performer states that the colors represent six colored keys, only one of which will open the lock to the Treasure Chest. The spectator is invited to eliminate five of the six colors because only one is needed to match the color of the correct key which is sealed in a small leather purse. The performer displays the purse and places it on the table next to the chest. The spectator proceeds to eliminate five of the six colors, selecting for example, the color red. The performer opens the purse and inverts it over the spectator's outstretched hands. Out falls a red key. The performer compliments the spectator on his amazing psychic ability. The spectator is invited to open the lock using the red key and to remove his treasure, a prize that could be worth up to one million dollars. The spectator opens the lock with the red key and removes his prize from the chest, a state lottery ticket that could be worth up to a million dollars.

Here's a delightful presentation that eliminates the sting usually present in "Bank Nite" type of effects. The spectator is given credit for correctly guessing the color of the one key that opens the treasure chest. And he gets to keep the prize, a current state lottery ticket that could be worth a million dollars or whatever the prize happens to be the week of your show. Best of all, the prize costs you only $1.00. Of course, any prize can be used. (Credit Richard Osterlind with the use of a Lottery Ticket as a prize).

The working should be apparent. Purchase a heavy duty brass lock and key. Take the key to a hardware store and have it duplicated using three different color key blanks. These are usually available in red, blue and yellow. Obtain an attractive chest to hold the prize. The chest should have a hasp that can be secured with the brass lock. Make up your list of colors positioning the force colors red, blue and yellow adjacent to the numbers 2-4-6. Place the three keys in your gaffed purse. On the day of your show, purchase a lottery ticket for that week's drawing. You're all set to perform a most unique version of Annemann's "Seven Keys To Baldpate."

Incidentally, if you have a problem finding the colored key blanks you can also procure three small circular cardboard tags. The kind with a metal rim around them and a hole through which a short piece of string can be strung. Simply color the tags on both sides with red, blue and yellow markers and attach one to each of three keys. All you have to do is state in the beginning that the colors represent six colored key tags, one of which is attached to the only key that will open the lock on the chest. Now proceed as previously described.

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Friendly Persuasion

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