To Prepare

You'll need: Nine playing cards, the Ace through Nine of Spades; a pad and a marking pen; a key tag engraved, "Stardust Hotel - Room 165;" a key attached to the key tag; a list of hotels printed on a card as follows:

1 -

Best Western

1S -

Hilton Hotel

2 -

Ramada Hotel

14 -

Sands Hotel

S -

Econo Lodge

15 -

Stardust Hotel

4 -

Tropicana Hotel

16 -

Holiday Inn

5 -

Day's Inn

17 -

Statler Hotel

6 -

Casa Loma Hotel

18 -

Westwind Inn

7 -

Black Island Inn

19 -

Fairmount Hotel

8 -

Caesar's Palace

20 -

Sheraton Hotel

9 -

The Breakers

21 -

Budget Host Inns


- Pimlico Hotel

22 -

Carousel Hotel

11- Golden Nugget

2S -

Southern Hotel

12- Quality Inn

24 -

Howard Johnson


Proceed as outlined previously until you have shown the nine cards, which are in numerical order with the Ace on top of the face down packet. Using an overhand shuffle, run one card and toss the remaining cards on top. Run two more cards and toss the remaining cards in the packet on top of the two cards. Run three more and toss the remainder of the packet on top of the three cards. Finally, run two more and toss the remaining cards on top of the two cards. (In practice, you can check the order of the cards: 9 - A - 3 - 2 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 8 - 7.)

The packet of nine cards may now be cut (single, complete cuts) as often as the spectator wishes. Now, deal the packet alternately to the three spectators until they each have three cards. The groups held by the three spectators will be 3-5-7, 1-6-8 and 2-4-9, not necessarily in that order. Note that digits in every group total "15."

Have any member of the audience designate which of the three spectators on stage is to receive the list of 24 hotels. State that you will get back to him in a moment. Now, pick up the pad and marker and ask the remaining two spectators to alternately call out the values of their cards, one at a time, until you've listed them as three 2-digit numbers on the pad. No matter in which order they call their cards, as long as they are recorded alternately one at a time, the total will always be 165. Since the cards in each of the three packets add up to "15," it makes no difference which packet is selected by the spectator holding the hotel list, the Stardust Hotel, the fifteenth hotel on the list, will always be selected. Now, all that remains is to finish as previously described.

Minding the Store, Again

Another great routine that's possible using the same method described above, is a variation of Ned Rutledge's "Minding The Store." For the sake of completeness, I'm including this routine as well. Ned's creation was, and still is, an outstanding mental effect. Borrowing from his presentation, but substituting the method that I employed in the no gimmick "Room Service" effect, it's possible to simplify the working.

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