To Prepare

The preparation is minimal. First, the pad: Open the cover and turn the pad over. Separate the first page from the second and, in the lower left hand corner on the reverse side of the first page, print the numeral "3." On the back of the second page, also in the lower left hand corner, print the numeral "1." Finally, on the reverse side of the third page, in the lower left hand corner, print the numeral "2."

The preparation of the deck of cards is also easy. Remove the tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings. These are the cards which are valued as "10" in the game of blackjack. Shuffle the remainder of the deck thoroughly. Deal the top three cards of the deck face up in a pile. Next, deal a "10" card followed by an odd card. Repeat this alternate dealing of "10" cards and the remaining cards in the deck until you've exhausted all the "10" cards. Pick up the face-up tabled packet, turn it face down, and place it on top of the remaining odd cards. Be sure not to include any Aces as alternating cards. The Aces should be spread among the remaining 18 cards, close to the bottom of the deck to prevent the spectator from accidentally selecting two cards with a total of "21."

From the top down you have three odd cards followed by a 31 card stack of alternating "10" and odd cards, followed by the remaining l7 cards in the deck. What you have created is a variation of the"Five Star" force deck, popularly attributed to Al Koran. That's all the preparation needed.

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