To prepare

You'll need a colorful gift wrapped box of candy, obtainable at your neighborhood drugstore. Attach the envelope containing the gift card to the box with a piece of scotch tape.

Also required is the gift card enclosed in an envelope (art enclosed). Last, but far from least is a deck ofjumbo Bicycle playing cards which have been marked with Ted Lesley's rub-on white numerals and letters used to construct his "Working Professional's Marked Cards." Note that the letters and numerals are to be positioned inside the two blank spaces within a horizontal spade-like shape which points right and left in the center of the borders on both long edges of the card. Examine the back of the Bicycle card and you'll see where I'm recommending you mark the cards. This position is even more deceptive than where the usual Bicycle cards are marked in the Lesley routines. The material for marking the cards can be obtained from Lesley's Wonder Workshop, Friedrich-WilhelmPlatz 4, D-12161, Berlin, Germany.

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